Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 30th!!

Today is our oldest son's 30th Birthday:

If you look at old posts it looks like he's had the same cake in each photo, but this is the only cake he ever wants, Italian Cream Cake.  We headed to Austin this weekend to help celebrate his day.  We couldn't resist eating at The Salt Lick Restaurant.  It was so good, but then it always is.  We just had a great time hanging out with him.

I just can't believe that 30 years have passed since he was born on a cold March 12th evening.  He has grown into such a wonderful person, son, man, and someday some girl is going to be extremely blessed to have him as a husband.  He's extremely driven, but then he always was, he's got a good head on his shoulders, and just a wonderful person.  He loves God, sports, his friends, and just recently was promoted to a new job with a new company. 

We were at a Sporting Goods store this weekend and here he was looking for a new glove:

Happy Birthday son, we love you!


  1. Sweet T...what's not to love in a man who's favorite cake is Italian Cream? Can I just say "Wowza" and not sound like a cougar? Oh who cares...Wowza...and Happy Birthday you good looking thing you! BTW MamaT...y'all should be mighty proud right about now!
    P.S. Mmmm...Salt Lick!

  2. THERESA . . . C'mon now! How could Brandon not turn out to be a GREAT GUY . . . you;re his SUPER MOM!!! All our best to you and your son! See you soon!! JOE & GLENN

  3. Happy birthday! Some of the best kiddo's are born on March 12th. ;) Right. Yummy Italian CREAM!!!

  4. Hook'em!!!! Love the shirt! My oldest daughter turns 30 next month as well!

  5. Hook'em!!!! Love the shirt! My oldest daughter turns 30 next month as well!


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