Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday

Hi friends, we are back from the shows and it seems like an eternity since we were home.  It was good to pull in last night and to be able to sleep in my bed.  But before I talk about the great time we had this Spring at Zapp Hall, I want to share first how good God is. 

While at the shows this last Friday my mother called that my dad had fallen down, he was bruised but okay.  Then Saturday she calls and tells me he's taken a turn for the worse.  He just wasn't himself and she couldn't seem to wake him and she was on her way to the hospital.  I couldn't pack fast enough.  On my way home I called to find out he had amonia on the brain.  I didn't think I had heard right, but she said his kidneys and liver were not functioning and this was causing amonia to back up in his brain and he was in a coma-like state.  My heart almost stopped when she said this.  I wanted to fly home.  All I could do was pray and pray I did all the way home. 

Long story short, he woke up this morning really hungry.  What a great sign.  He will be in the hospital a few more days for tests.  The doctor was amazed at his quick recovery and said that normally when this happens a patient stops breathing.  God is good...all the time!!

Hope you all had a great Easter Sunday.


  1. I just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and your father and family. Yes God is soooo good! And He lives still! It was so nice seeing you in warren ton last weekend. Thank you for letting me use your seat to nurse my baby and for the cold bottle of water and for the nice little visit. It was such a treat! Do you mind sending your mailing address to me? Also, will you please let me know when you and your husband will be out our way in fort worth, Keller area? We would love to have you over for dinner in our home! My email is Thank you so much....Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day and forever...Elizabeth McGeary

  2. Oh Teresa!
    I agree, God is good...all the time!! So glad to hear your dad is doing a bit better and I'm praying for his recovery. Just went through a health scare and hsopitalization with my Mom...all we can do is pray!
    Hope you had a wonderful show!
    Take care,

  3. Oh, T! I hope your father continues to improve. My thoughts are with you.

  4. My prayers are with you for your dad, sweet lady. Yes, God is good and he does answer prayers, so here's praying for a good recovery. And---it was wonderful to see you at ZAPP Hall!! You are just awesome! I wanted to come by again and spend more time, but alas! My friends and my feet had another agenda :)Hope to see you there in the fall!

  5. Thinking of you, Sweet T...Love and hugs! Kristi

  6. I was so scared as I was reading your post. I can imagine how your heart was beating on that trip home.
    I have said a prayer of thanks for his better condition.

  7. Wonderful to hear that your Dad is better and on the way to a full recovery !
    We had a chance to stop and visit friends in the Texas Rose show on the way home from treatments two
    weeks ago, met Theresa from TimeWorn Interiors and
    tried to come back on Sunday for the blogging party- really wanted to meet you, but both were just plain worn out... If you are in the Fort Worth area- let me know. Read your blog, love it, love Vintage- we would
    have a great time.


  8. Oh my...thinking of you and hope all is well.

  9. God is GOOD and does hear our prayers. I am so glad your dad is recovering quickly and my prayers are that he continues to fully recover. You, and your parents are in my prayers.
    p.s. I posted a blog about you and your awesome booth at Sisters Treasures.

  10. Teresa,
    I could hear your voice quivering as you recounted this event...I can just imagine how you wished to be able to spread your wings and fly home. I will hold you and your father in my prayers for his speedy recovery.
    It was a treat, as usual, to see you in Warrenton again, and look forward to seeing you at the next time, wherever that might be.

  11. Goodness T - You and your family are in prayers!!!

    all my love!


  12. I'm praying for your sweet dad, Theresa.


  13. Oh T, I have never heard of this before! I'm so glad that he is on the mend! Keep us posted!


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