Monday, May 07, 2012

Cindy Clark Designs

I first met Cindy Clark when we were in a shop together in Montgomery Texas many moons ago.  I still have a really great large ironstone pitcher that I bought from her for a song.  I was always drawn to her booth but what really drew me in was her sweet and genuine personality and she's just as beautiful outside as she is inside.  Actually getting to know her family helps you to see why she's so sweet and talented, she get's it naturally.

Not only is she an experienced Interior Designer but I would say she's a pretty good Antique's Dealer/Stylist as well.  She has a great eye and knows how to display and draw you into her booths.  She's set up at many antique shows with her mom through the years and they even owned their own shop at one time. 

For several shows she was at Zapp Hall, but with still working full-time it was hard for her stay at the show the entire time so she's now sharing a space with her mom and aunt at the Tree Park Antique Show in Warrenton Texas.  It's the last show on the left as you are leaving Warrenton.  If you enjoyed shopping with her at Zapp, be sure and look for her space at Tree Park in the Fall.

This past weekend when we out antiquing, I had to stop and check out her booth at The French Market in Navasota Texas.  I love that she uses color as well as all white.   Take a look:

Just look at this awesome cabinet:

Loved the white table:

Truth be known, love it all.

Now this is one awesome dresser:

I'll take it all please.

And this mirror needs no introduction:

Wow!!  How about those Florentine tables?  Perfect match.

Here's another great cabinet:

Hope you enjoyed the tour and will look her up the next time you are in Warrenton Texas at Antique Week or Navasota.


  1. I neeeed to go to Navasota soon! She has great stuff. thanks

  2. What a nice post about Cindy, Elaine and i got to meet her at Warrenton and then she dropped by our cottage at Fredericksburg Trade Days. She is so sweet and I love her style and taste in merchandise.

  3. Great stuff, Theresa!
    I'll bet you know every fabulous shopping spot in the entire State of Texas! :-)

  4. Love that first cabinet and those cobels...swoon!


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