Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Junk Gypsies & HGTV

This past Spring Antique Show we got the opportunity to attend a party hosted by The Junk Gypsies to show their premiere show on HGTV.  It was fun seeing it again as I had seen the initial show when it aired back in November.  You always see new things the second time you didn't catch the first time.  Well I'm happy to help them spread the word about their new show that will air this Saturday, May 5th.  Mark your calendars, get your DVR's ready because this is one show you don't want to miss.

So, while we are on the subject of the girls I thought I'd show you their space this past Spring at Zapp Hall:

Now don't forget to set your DVR's to watch their new show.  You'll be inspired with their fresh creations.  Congrats to our favorite Junkin Family.

Happy early Cinco de Mayo!


  1. Hi Theresa,
    Oh, I just love the Junk Gypsies!! Their style is fabulous!!
    Congratulations on being featured in Flea Market Style!! I'll definitely have to go and pick up a copy!
    Hope your doing well and have a lovely night.

  2. I knew of these girls when they were little living in the little town over from mine. It amazes me they now have their very own HGTV show. Would like to see that! Blessings

  3. THANK YOU theresa!!!!! we are forever grateful to our die-hard JUNKER friends!!!! the best dang friends in the world. . . thank yall (to you and cruz) SOOOO MUCH!!!xoxoxoxo amie, jolie and janie (the junk gypsies)

  4. Thank you! I came in on the tail end of the show when it first aired then couldn't find it again. I got up and set of the DVR then came back to finish looking around your blog. As usual I want to come to Texas again and go shopping.

    Elizabeth Ann


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