Sunday, April 29, 2012

Old Houses, Back Roads & Finding Treasures

This weekend took us toward a different direction as originally planned.  I love not having an agenda when we are headed places, no pressure to go any place in particular, but to just go toward the back roads always seems to work for us. 

We headed out very early as we normally do and found lots of great things.  The first place I found taxidermy birds.  They are really large and just awesome.  These were great finds.  Just look at what we all we found:

It must have been the weekend for finding chairs, but then again I'm always drawn to chairs.  The Victorian chairs have the original burlap and are in great shape.  The next set of chairs were the pair of chairs that came out of an old church.  These along with the laundry cart were found last weekend, but the remainder of things along with several small were found this weekend.

Here's a close up of the birds, aren't they awesome.  I also found 4 windows that also came out of an old church.

Here's a close up of the chairs.

I think the birds were my favorite finds along with the battery jar.

Of course traveling down back roads always leads us to old houses and here was a really cute old house starting to be covered by vines.  I'd love to see what was inside as I'm told it was once an antique shop:

Hope you get to travel down back roads this week. It's always a lot of fun.


  1. Very nice finds! Junking is so fun! I always enjoy your blog!


  2. Great finds T.....blessings on your week.

  3. when i saw the geese, all i could think of was the Aflac commercials with the talking duck.

  4. The birds, I have to admit, are pretty awesome! I love the old battery jars as well. I hope you both of a great week at your "real" jobs ;0)

    Take care,

  5. Great stuff! I wish you could leave them outside. They look beautiful in the yard.

  6. Super great stuff, Theresa!

    Wow, I can't believe I'm going to be hitting the junking trail again, looking for stuff to sell. Am I crazy, LOL? ;-)


  7. Great know all the good places! Hey, do you know the dates for the fall Warrenton show yet? I want to book for the first weekend. Thanks for the scoop!

  8. Love it all! Chairs... my weakness for some reason. Me lugging some home is a surefire way to make my man, mad! "WHY?" :) They look great, as is and sometimes fixed up. Hey, they always sell so I know there are others out there that think the way I do! :)

  9. That little suitcase is so sweet. Love that size. The birds are in such great shape. You had a good weekend!


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