Monday, July 23, 2012

Fredericksburg Weekend

How many of you have been to the Fredericksburg Texas Trade Days.  We stopped here back in May for the first time and found several treasures.  There are many barns, individual little cottages, and several outdoor spaces, with a wide variety of vendors. You can find just about everything here.

This past weekend was our first time to set up here as vendors.  We were set up in one of the six barns that are here.  Here are pictures of my booth there:

I loved the ticking mattresses and they all found a new home as did the bed.

Several things you see found new homes. 

The rocker with barbola roses is so pretty.

Just a mixture of things.  The cups and clipboards almost looked like they were floating in the air.

While the brown/white transferware wasn't  a big hit it always looks good.

Despite the fact that it was super hot this past weekend, I'm told it was 106 one of the days, that didn't keep people away from coming to Trade Days.   There was a really great crowd on Saturday, Friday was a bit slower.  Trade Days is open Friday through Sunday. 

There is so much you can do in Fredericksburg.  I guess that's why so many people plans trips here. There's more to come.


  1. So very, very pretty. I was talking so much that I think I missed half of it. :-)

  2. Your space looked AWESOME Theresa! I love the brown & white transferware. Will you do this show again?

  3. The booth looks wonderful, and I hope it was a huge success! I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

    Hope you will come enter my very fun glass bottle cheese platter giveaway. It so unique!

  4. I wanted to come, but the thought of being out in 106 degrees made me think twice!
    It looks fab-OH!


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