Wednesday, July 04, 2012

July 4th & Junkin

Happy Late July 4th.  I hope you had an awesome day enjoying the day with good food and hopefully good company.  I know we had a pretty good day, relaxing, and eatting too.  We had grilled hamburgers and Mama's Peach Cobbler.  See how good it looks and it's super easy:

If you want the recipe, click HERE.

I thought I'd also show you what we found this past week:

The ROOMS sign is really old.  It had the hanger on the back where it was connected to a pole.  I love the old concrete swan I found.  I'd been looking for one for a while.  The ironstone platter is a good one.  It has a great mark on the back.  I'm always looking for florentine tables, they are getting harder to find.  Then there's the floral chair that was a great find too.  The fabric is really cool and the fact that someone redid the chair just adds to the character of it.  I found several more things too.  Looks like I'm adding more color to my finds.  Hope you all have a great week.


  1. Happy 4th T - great finds - you lucky girl!

  2. Happy 4th to you, too. Looks like great finds. I love the Rooms sign and I'm especially drawn to the. Swan.

  3. Glad you had a good day. That peach cobbler looks so yummy, thanks for the recipe. Looks like you found some wonderful treasures... especially love the sign.

  4. Color me happy if you saved me some cobbler. I take mine with Blue Bell please!


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