Sunday, July 01, 2012

Summer Antique Show at Red Barn

I'm finally getting around to showing you my booth at the Summer Antique Show at the Red Barn.  I was fortunate enough to have two booths this time and it was great to spread my things out.  Here's one side of my booth:

Here's the other side:

Here's a side of my booth with wicker, a metal bed and shutters:

I loved this baby bed with the linens.  There were feather pillows and a cute pillow made using vintage baby things:

For this display I especially loved the projector glasses I found, they all sold:

This canvas changing table would make a great table with a glass top:

I had found another metal bed with the spring wreaths (they all sold too):

All the spindle chairs will be going to city wide (4 of the 5 are already sold).

The coral was another favorite find.  It even included really old newspaper that it was wrapped in when I bought it, it too found a great home:

I really loved finding this bistro chair:

On the chair are piles of letter written by the same person.

For this plate rack I had repurposed it:

I had decided for the black side wall that it would show the musical instruments really great and I guess it did as they all sold too:

Here's another view of  the second booth:

You can click on any of the above pics to see more.  Sometime this week I'll show you more booths at the Red Barn Show.  We are grearing up for the City Wide Garage Sale later this month in Austin Texas.  Remember it's not really a garage sale and it's air conditioned.  I hope you'll come out and see us.


  1. It's all gorgeous!

    I've been away on an extended blog break and am now back. It's good to "see" you again!

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of your booth(s). They look fantastic! It sounds like you had a great show. I look forward to seeing the other booth pictures and am kicking myself in the you know what for not going ahead and doing that show.
    Good luck at City Wide, we'll miss you at Trade Days, but I'd rather be in air conditioning than extreme ehat any day!

  3. Theresa, your booth was wonderful!!
    I just love the window frame in the last photo!!
    Congratulations on a great show and wishing you all the best at City Wide...sure do wish I was in the area!
    Happy 4th to you and your family!

  4. OMGoodness girl, how your displays have evolved! Those look like some Marburger booths! Great job!

  5. Good gravy woman - ALL of it is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! There are like 50 things I see that should be in my house!!!!

    AUGH! And the red bike.... I think I drooled.

    Have a Happy 4th!!!


  6. Your blog is such a treat. I love the mustard wall with the white. Looks good.


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