Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Headed to the Fields

Happy Wednesday Friends!!  If you've been a follower of my blog for very long you know as it nears the big Antique Shows starting in Texas I always love to post countdowns and show tips (be sure to click on both links to see what I mean).  Well I think this season has really gotten away from me for doing this.  The time has flown faster than I can remember it doing so.  As of yesterday, we were 2 WEEKS away from Marburger Farm Antique Show starting and of course this Thursday you can start shopping the awesome fields of Warrenton and Round Top Texas. 

Yes sir, starting tomorrow (if you haven't already been there) there will be miles and miles as far as the eye can see, it's a disney land for adult junkers.  There will be so much stuff you won't know what town or what place to start first. 

We'll be there bright and early later this week, hitting the dirt running, looking, searching, exploring tent after tent looking for the one treasure that I must have.  As if I don't have two trailers full already!!

Now let me just add if you've never been to the Round Top/Warrenton Texas Antique Shows during antique week you'll probably have no idea what I'm talking about. You should google this to get an idea because it's far too big for me to even try and explain it to you.  It literally covers several towns and vendors are set up in tents or halls in what normally are cow pastures during the regular part of the year.  Several of my friends started setting up weeks ago and several are headed down later this week to set up.

I thought it would be fun to show you some pics of times past at the shows just in case you are considering coming out and you aren't sure what you might find: 

And of course no trip to Round Top/Warrenton Tx would be complete without stopping at Festival Hill:

Pictures taken at: Marburger Farm Antique Show, Zapp Hall Antique Show, Little House on the Hill, Gone to Texas Show, Leftover's Antiques in Brenham, The Tin Star field, Clutter Show, and Festival Hill.

Hope I see you this next coming show.  Please stop by if you are at Marburger Farm, I'll be in the Gulf Warehouse building. 

I'm linking up with Kathleen today for her White Wednesday post.  Happy Junkin!! 


  1. Someday...I am going to take that journey...until then..enjoy it for me :) Blessings friend

  2. Look Out. . . Here We Come !!! THERESA, See You Amongst the Cow Patties ! Big Hugs, JOE & GLENN

  3. Hey Theresa!

    Candy and I are making a daytrip to Roundtop/Warrenton on 10/6. I hope we'll see you at Marburger! Have a great show!

    Hugs. Dixie

  4. Dixie and Candy, I'll be there! Looking forward to seeing you too.
    Joe and Glenn, we'll race to the cool junk in the fields, whatya'll win I'm sure. Steph, I do hope you come out and Shelley, well you'll just have to make a plan to get there one day or I'll come your way.


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