Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween & A Winner

Happy October 31st to you!  What plans do you have tonight, if any.  I have to tell you a story about when I was little and Halloween was still a fairly safe holiday to enjoy.  My mother took my myself and my brother trick or treating.  We always went to a neighborhood we referred to as "The Avenues" (this neighborhood is still around).

My mother thought since it was a historic neighborhood that it would be better to go there than any other place.  And you have to remember this was in the 60's when it was still fun to do this.  So we went to a big two-story house that was known to have an elevator (which was unheard of in those days), my mother waiting by the curb, and the lady invited us inside.  What my mother didn't realize is that they had a spook house of sorts set up on the second floor.  Well my mother panicked and within a few minutes she was knocking on the door and riding the elevator to come and find us.  It was safe, no harm done, but I'll never forget that night.  We had a long lecture about strangers and not to go inside someone's house you didn't know.  Just be safe if you take your little ones out tonight.

I thought it would be fun to share pictures with you of vintage Halloween things.  My friend Marion probably has some of the best vintage Halloween collections that I've ever seen.  She has collected these for many years ago and today if you were to try and find these items I'm sure they'd be very expensive.  These aren't recent pics, I've shared these with you before.  Hope you enjoy:

She has a whole display case of vintage Halloween.

Look at the old mask and candy holders.

Halloween galore hanging on the door

Here are Children's masks.

An old witches dress was on the back porch, broom and all.

Vintage chrildren's costumes are so hard to find, especially since some of them were made from crepe paper.  Do you remember these?  I remember having a costume made of this.

 More pretties were on her back porch.

She has such a beautiful place and yard.  I always love coming to see her.  Her place is very inviting.  She decorates for each season and it's always so pretty.

Okay, now for the winner.  First I want to say thanks to all that left me such sweet comments and for you all that have stuck with me these six years of blogging!  Drum roll please...the winner of the Jeanne d'Arc Magazine is Elizabeth.  Congrats Elizabeth!!  I'll email you later today.

On another note, please keep several of my friends in your prayers:  One friend's daugher is currently in the hospital, another friend's father is very ill, and my last friend is having eye surgery today!  I've kept them all anonymous but God knows who they are.  I would really appreciate you if you would lift them up in prayer.

I hope you have a safe and Happy Day today!

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  1. Trick or treating was so much fun back in the day. Now if you spot a gang of kids dressed different wearing masks...we run the other way!
    Thanks dear...and you know what I mean.


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