Sunday, December 16, 2012

Antique Gallery Mall

Today we adventured out to the Antique Gallery Mall in Spring Tx.  It was a good day to go antiquing since it was raining.  The first booth I came to was just inside the antique mall.  I quickly recognized a pillow made by Felicia Blair (the large one on the far right).  You wonder how I know it was her's, because I immediately recognized her signature pillows and when I turned it over it had the name "Bountiful" stiched on it.  Here's a picture of the booth:

It was a nice surprise to see one of her pillows here.  She's located in the Lonestar Antique Mall in Fort Worth.  I'm going to have to make a trip to see her soon.  It sure made the bed look pretty.

From there I found Cindy Clark's booth.  It looked great and was very inviting.  Cindy always has such a great eye for finding things and putting them together:

There was another booth across from Cindy's.  She was the vendor that had the pretty pillow.  I think they told me her name is Susan Harrison.

I loved the floral shade and still have one very similar.

This booth was all decorated for Christmas:

I spent a lot of time here.  It was very interesting (update: I met the owner of this booth Linda on 12/29 and she is just the sweetest~be looking for future details about this booth soon)!

Walking down a little further I came to this booth:

The manny was a great touch and attention drawer.

Michella Marie's booth is always an eye catcher:

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  The Antique Gallery can be found on Facebook and is located in Spring Texas.  Happy Sunday!


  1. I think I may have found a new , interesting place to
    "stop-in" on the way to Houston next time we go
    for MY Darling's testing at hospital !
    Looks like a fun diversion.
    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Always great to find a great store. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas, hugs! Charlene

  3. I love the booth decked out for Christmas! I'll have to check this place out when baseball takes us that direction!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring the Antique Gallery of Houston. Check out our new blog. Our dealers are always busy renewing their displays so there is always something new and since the Gallery has 185 dealers under one roof you can't take it all in with just one visit. We have a new restaurant also. Parking is easy and we are handicap accessible, we even offer wheelchairs on site. The weather at the Gallery is always perfect!

  5. Johnine, I guess you didn't realize I'm a dealer too at the Antique Gallery, it's listed at the top of my blog. It would be nice to see more vendor's name featured on your blog. I've checked it out before. Thanks.


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