Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday @ Heritage Antiques

Today my mother and I took a road trip to Heritage Antiques in Lufkin.  We shopped along the way.  There are so many great booths here you could spend the day here.  The shop was packed full of customers.  I sold several things as I was loading up too.  Yes it was our last day here in the shop. I will always come back to do shopping here because it's such a great place to find things.  They even have an outdoor area with architectural items.  You just never know what you will find in the shop.  Just click on the slideshow and take a look:

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The next time you are in Lufkin Texas you should check them out.  They have a blog (located on my sidebar) and are on Facebook as well.  Happy junkin!!


  1. Super cool place! I also liked your slideshow - it even had snazzy music to go with it! Miss seeing you around and hope our paths cross soon! Take care!

  2. Teresa,

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting. Seeing your are one busy gal! I knew you were busy...but had no idea. Thanks for sharing so much...feel like I just been traveling and shopping :-) (But not so tired or so broke in the end! :-)


  3. So glad I could save you a little money on those bouncing Bettie's. the boys have two more great chairs and a sofa... But I'm afraid my Ricky might put me in the asylum if I bring anymore home!

    Hugs. Dixie


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