Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brenda's Space at Fall Hico Show

I thought I would share Brenda's space with you during the Fall Homestead Hico Show and share some news with you as well.  We were so excited to head to Hico to see Brenda's space and of course she didn't disappoint.  Her space was just as gorgeous as I knew it would be.  The sad thing is is that the Homestead Store in Hico announced this evening on Facebook and their website that they will be closing their doors as of December 30.

If you ever wanted to head to see their store or to check out Brenda's space now is your opportunity since you don't have long to do so.  There are lots of discounts in the store.  They posted that hopefully this won't be last of them, maybe another show or shop or who knows what and we wish them the best.

Here was Brenda's space inside their store:

If you would like to see many more pics that I posted of her space, click on my Pinterest Link HERE

Don't forget we are heading to Fredericksburg this Friday for their Trade Days show.  Hope you can come out and see us we are doing a Vintage Christmas theme.

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  1. Her style is amazing. I checked your Pinterest board and loved all the vignettes. I recognized a bunch of the Curious Boys pieces! :) See you Thursday.


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