Friday, February 07, 2014

45 Days...Let The Countdown Begin!

My friends, we are 45 Days away from being able to shop until your hearts are content.  I am so excited that in 6 weeks we will be in Junker's Paradise.  What am I talking about you ask?  Well only the biggest Antique Show that comes to Texas twice a year, in Round Top/Warrenton Texas and many surrounding towns. 

We will be in a new location this year and I'll post more about this next week.  Here's a picture that was posted during a previous antique show from All Things Beautiful blog:

In case you've never been, this is the main highway that runs through all the small towns, Highway 237 and cars will be backed up in both directions at any given time of day.

The next few pictures were of my booth and other booths that were seen at the show:

 This was my booth during this past Fall Show.

I have posted this picture several times, I think it was one of my favorite booths ever done.

The above picture was a booth created by Gina Galvin and the Where Women Create crew during a previous show.  I loved this display.

The big red "T" was seen at the Clutter Antique Show and naturally I was drawn to it.  This is one show you want to put on your calendar to visit.

Here is part of the favorite booth I mentioned above that I show a lot of pictures of.  This picture was taken at my booth at the Zapp Hall Antique Show.  It's probably one of my favorites because it appeared in the Flea Market Style magazine but also because I love this color and sofa too.

The above display was created by my friend Theresa of Time Worn Interiors.  

Another picture of the Clutter Antique Show.

I loved the architectural elements seen in this booth at the Marburger Farm Antique Show.

Of course you have to drive out to Rachel Ashwell's place, The Prairie, because it's so magical there and visiting her store and property is a must too.

My booth during a previous Marburger Farm Antique Show there.

Now the above is the Merry Christmas store in downtown Round Top Texas.  This place too has new owners, Brandi and Kevin of Rodeo Royalty recently bought it and I can't wait to see what magic they create here too.

And before you know it, you'll see us traveling down the road headed to the shows.

But before we do that we'll be at Fredericksburg Trade Days in Fredericksburg Texas starting next Friday. It's Valentine's Day and I hope you come and see us and spend the day there.  I'll share more about my space there with you next week.  Happy Weekend.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! One of these days, when I'm not working so much, I'm coming to the shows. I've promised myself that. And as always, I love your pictures.

    Take care,

  2. One day I will make it to Roundtop. I was just on Rachel Ashwell's Prairie site looking at accommodations and thought how great it would be to stay there during the show. It's definitely on my bucket list!

  3. That is so cool about Rodeo Royalty's new space! And you made me laugh with the image of you headed to shows. That truck was masterfully packed! Have a great week!


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