Friday, February 28, 2014

March Antique Events

Can you believe that tomorrow is March 1st?  Where has the time flown to.  There are so many awesome events to shop at in March and I'm so excited to be at some of these events that I can hardly stand it.  You know Texas Antique Week is just around the corner and for those that may not know Antique Week in Texas goes for almost three weeks, not just one.  It's a junker's paradise, so much to see for so many miles.  It spans many towns and mainly the Round Top/Warrenton Tx towns.

Here are the March Events that we will be at:

Mar. 8-9 is the Cat Spring Tx Garden Antique Show by Rural Texas  and we will be inside the building.  I'm so excited to be here because for many years this show kicked off the antique season in Texas.  It will be different that we are inside but that way we don't have to worry about the weather and you know in Texas it could be storming one minute and sunny and bright the next.  For more information about this show, click HERE.  It's a beautiful Hall and a beautiful drive there too.  You'll be glad you came to the show.

Pic: My booth during previous show with Rural Texas

After this show, we'll be heading to beautiful Fredericksburg Texas on Mar. 14-16.  We always look forward to spending time at the Fredericksburg Tx Trade Days show.  It's a great event with tons of Antique/Junk Dealers.  And since I can't remember showing you pics of my space, here they are:

Then, it will be time for "Antique Week".  We will be setting up in beautiful Warrenton Tx on Mar  25 - April 5, 2014.  You can find us at the Renck Hall field.

We will be hosting the Blog Party at Gina Galvin and Carrie Hurley's new field on Friday March 28 at 6pm at The Rendezvous, almost directly across from the Marburger Farm antique show on Hwy. 237.  To find out information about this new show, check out their Facebook Page.

Now hold on...

this isn't all the shows you can attend this next month, here's more:

Mar. 7-8: Fort Worth Tx Antiques and Art Show:

Mar. 15-16: Huntsville Tx Rusty Chippy Vintage Hippy & Garden Show 

And of course Canton Texas Flea Market has started and it's a fun place to shop too this weekend.  Hope to see you on the junkin road this month.  Have a great Friday and weekend!

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  1. Theresa, you are SO good at posting and promoting all the great antique/junk shows in our great state. Thank you! You, my friend are going to be one very busy lady this March with 3 shows!! I way just see you as a whirlwind as you speed by! ha! ha! I hope all teh shows are fantastic!


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