Wednesday, March 05, 2014

20 Days!!!!!

What do you think of when you think of TEXAS?

Pic Via: Junk Gypsy's

Do you conjure up visions of BBQ (The Salt Lick is our favorite one in Dripping Springs Texas, be sure to sit on the screened porch for the best ambiance), 2 Stepin to music by 'Ol George singing into the wee hours of the night, is it the shopping that draws you here, a good lookin guy in Cowboy Boots and a gallon size Hat, is it the bright lights of Dallas or Houston or the Austin nightlife and eateries (and you know there's some good ones here like Guero's Taco Bar on Congress). 

Or is it the beautiful drives through the countryside like in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg Trade Days and all the antiquing that can be done on any given weekend in almost in any town?

During Springtime, do you think about all the gorgeous Blue Bonnets and wild flowers blooming all over our great state.

Pic Via: Junk Gypsy's

For me, I start getting nervous about this time in March because it means we are so close to setting up and shopping at the Biggest Antique Show in Texas (or the country for that matter)!

We are 20 DAYS away from being in Warrenton Texas to start setting up for the Spring shows.  This year we'll be at Renck Hall and Field, we'll be outside the field as you exit into the Zapp Hall field. 

But before we head to Warrenton Texas, we have two more shows we'll be at, The Cat Spring Texas Antique and Garden Show is this weekend:

Then, we'll load up for the Fredericksburg Trade Days show the next Friday to Sunday:

 And before I know it I'll turn onto Highway 237 and before long and many day dreams in between and then I'll see the Warrenton Texas sign and I'll know I'm home for the next two weeks:

Read my favorite post on Hwy 237.  See ya down the junk road...

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  1. I hope you have GREAT shows! I know how much work goes into them. And I love the blue bonnetts!!

    Take care,


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