Thursday, March 28, 2013

Highway 237, Warrenton Texas (Repost)

************  Re-post from last Spring ************ 

I don't know what it is about this small Texas town that always seem to draw me here.  There was even a draw here way before I begin setting up and selling at this place.  Maybe it's the beautiful countryside that reminds me of growning up in the country (actually not too far from here).  Or all the beautiful activities that can be done in this area, going to Festival Hill, stopping at Royer's Pie Haven to pick up scones, visiting Rachel Ashwell's beautiful store, just to name a few.  We come out to this area several times a year even when it's not even time for the big antique shows to start.


Have you seen the gorgeous bluebonnets that are blooming in Texas and they'll be lots blooming there too.  I love the drive there, it's actually very relaxing.  Well the anticipation of wanting to hurry up and arrive sometimes makes the drive just fly by.  My second home for almost the next two weeks.  It's my vacation, my soul vacation, as my Junk Sisters call it. 

It's a fun time, undescribable really, you just have to go to experience it for yourself.  Life seems sweeter there, food taste better and it's just an amazing place to be.  You don't need to dress up and wear fancy things, no reservations are needed, dress is casual, people are friendly, and getting to experience the goodness of being in the middle of a cow pasture couldn't be better.  You wouldn't think that being in the middle of a cow pasture would be so great, but it really is.

There are treasures that can be seen for miles.  It's a sea of goodness waiting to be discovered.  You could be overwelmed by all the awesomeness here, but just take your time and truly enjoy just being in the moment.  When I'm here, I love to wake up really early (renting a place near the show makes this convenient), I mean how could you sleep in with all that's here, and just walking the grounds in the early morning before having to open up is so relaxing. 

There's just a peacefulness here, people are stirring, vendors are getting things ready for the day, but there's this quietness that just sets the tone for the day.  Yes you'll hear a big rig driving by or cars starting to stir on this stretch of Highway 237, but somehow I just tune all this out.  I love hearing the birds sing as I make my walk through the ailes of tents and displays that can be seen in all directions, seeing the morning dew still on the things left outside of the tents, and wondering from what part of the country people have traveled from to be here.

You can smell bacon frying and breakfast cooking and then you know it's going to be a good day.  Coffee is already brewing and you can sometimes hear laughter coming from inside the few restaurants that are already open for business. I'll save a seat for you!

If you are looking for big box stores, you won't find them here.  But if you are looking for one of kind treasures, friendly faces, a small piece of Heaven, then this is the place to be.



  1. What a wonderful post. You could write for the chamber of commerce there. lol. I know for me you have inspired me to get there. Wishing you an amazing time.

  2. My friend Shelley is going!! I knew it was big but you have given me a bigger idea of what it is. I sure wish I could come and just walk those isle's of tents. Your so lucky! Good Luck to you!

  3. Hey girlie---was visiting with lisa love Harris yesterday --were your ears burning? Hope you have a blast over the next few weeks!!!!hugs!!!!

  4. Enjoy the beautiful countryside and have a great show. Hugs, sandi

  5. Theresa...
    Soooooo Well Said!*!*! I was visualizing and remembering it all... Can't wait to get back there again someday... one day...
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

  6. You know that my Mom was born and raised in Texas. And she always told myself and my kids when they were little her love for her Texas bluebonnets! I have an old black and white picture of my Mom with her Mom in a field of bluebonnets. Thanks for the memories and have a GREAT show!

    Take care,

  7. What a picture you paint!
    My favorite thing to do in the world...maybe someday in Texas too! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pics! :)

  8. What a beautiful essay on the area and all the sights and smells of such a charming place. Your description of the overall feeling is so accurate - I wish I was there already! I hope you have a wonderful show, Theresa, and I hope to get by to say hi!

  9. It's so true T. The minute we turn off I-35 onto Hwy. 77 in Waco, I feel the stress leaving my body starting at my neck and ending with my toes. It has to be seen and felt to truly understand.


  11. I can't wait to be there!!! See you Sunday!!

    hugs. Dixie

  12. A little early... but going to see the countryside, enjoy the drive and stop by to visit friends at Texas Rose
    Show. Won't quite be the same, but stopping by
    for a little bit after MD Anderson treatment.
    Can't hardly wait..... wish we could meet and visit
    but Tuesday is it. Hope your show goes great !

  13. Great post T - I sent people over from my blog to see the picture!

  14. Theresa, just loved your writing, as always. I hope this is a great getaway for you this Spring. Work and all!

  15. I don't get to come this year! We have a wedding drat. Love your photo and have fun!

  16. Perfect! You put into words what so many of us feel. Thank you for sharing. We're headed there today with the last of our loads. Hope to see you at the blog party.

  17. I know these roads well as my father owned a farmhouse out in nearby Ledbetter. Such a great area of Texas! Hope you have a fantastic show! -diane

  18. Please contact me at I have a couple of questions about some of your items to purchase.
    Thank you.
    Marilyn Lee


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