Tuesday, August 26, 2008

30 Days!! The Countdown Begins...

until the Round Top/Warrenton antique shows begin. Today, marks 30 days until the antique shows start!! If you can't sense the excitement in this post and from other posts, just go back and read the previous ones! I always get so psyched about the upcoming antique shows. I'm not sure if it's because I know I will be in my element, or if it's the thrill of the hunt (what new junk will I discover), or mainly it's because I will get to visit with my friends that I only get to see several times a year, or if it's because I'm looking forward to the shoppers that I consider friends, it's the one time of year (okay well twice a year) that I take a vacation from my regular job to sell at Zapp Hall.

To all you junkers, do you have your calendar's marked, your prom dresses cleaned, your cowboy boots shined, and your list of the junk that you've been searching for made yet? If not, you better get started, it'll be here before you know it.

Mark you calendar for this huge event!! It's really huge!! The time of year where hopefully the weather is a bit cooler in Texas, but you know the weather man doesn't promise anything because come on it's Texas. We normally wear shorts at Christmas!! But, you can be guaranteed a good time with friends and miles and miles of junk (fine antiques if you insist) in any direction that you can see. Show after show, cow field after cow field of tents, people, and the coolest things that you will probably only see at these shows. Over the top displays from some of the post talented artists that come from all over the country to sell their things. If you've never been, quit hesitating, make plans to come out. The kids can manage without you for one day and besides you deserve it!!

I leave you with these inspirational displays:

(photo of: Renee Jackson's booth-Bar W Show)

(photo of: Judy Hill's booth-Marburger Farms Show)

(photo of: Melanie and Brian of The Seed Box's booth-La Bahia Show)

(photo of: Linda Parker's booth-Marburger Farms Show)

(photo of: Mo McSwane's booth-Marburger Farm Show)

(photo of: Hector & Susie's booth-Tin Star Field)

(photo of: Peg of French Vanilla's booth-Marburger Farm Show)

(photo of: Theresa Smith of Time Worn Interior's booth-Marburger Farm Show)

(photo of: Linda and Ludmil of Willow's Nest booth-Zapp Hall Show)

(photo of: Leftover's Antique Shop-Brenham Tx)

(photo of: Shelly Price of Sweet Pea-Marburger Farm show)

(photo of: Mary Ann's booth-Zapp Hall Show)

(photo of: Clutter Show)

(photo of: Donnie's booth-Gone To Texas Show)

(photo of: Donnie's booth-Gone To Texas Show)

(photo of: Gina's booth-Zapp Hall Show)

And Finally, my booth:


  1. Girl!! I have ants in my pants!! I can't hardly wait!! OMG!! I need a HUG!!

  2. Gals, you really know how to hurt a sister...guess it's payback for all the goodies I post, huh...cayn't make it this year, but there is always hope for the next...gonna sto-away in the other Thersa's trailer under the table with the damn dog...

    the nut person...

  3. Theresa, can I come live there??? xxoo, Dawn

  4. You know, a person might get to thinking you like this show or something! You're killing me that I won't be there for all the fun, but raise a glass of sweettea in my honor, OK? Deb

  5. Hi Teresa...always love stopping by...one of these days I am going to make it to Texas!! You are so lucky to get to do what you do!! Wish that I lived closer!!

    Smiles, Joy~

  6. I can't wait. I swear I am going to go this year!

  7. Theresa,
    Thank you for adding me to your blog. I can't wait until the Round Top show. I hope we have a little cooler weather for the event.

  8. Hey , Theresa , What fun! It looks like a party! I hope you found some great stuff to sell. We'll all be anxiously awaiting tons of photos. Sue

  9. YOU ARE JUST KILLING ME WITH THOSE PICTURES.........feel like I was there all over again. I need a drink. Can not wait!!!!!!!!Lauri

  10. Theresa...Yes!Yes!Yes! I too am counting down the days..my DH and I are driving over on the 30th to stay for 4 nights..(we didn't get to go last year as planned) This will be our FIRST! I'm loving all the pictures you have tempted us with..my list? let's see..looking for a large crusty white swan to put in the middle of my dr table..and..pincushions,vintage wallpaper boxes..silver spoons..uhm..vintage repurposed junky jewelry..lockets..broken,cracked up ironstone small bowls/butterpats..dishes..old fashioned resturant white coffee cups...and etc......silly silly me..I'm so ready for this! Thanks

  11. Aloha from Battle Ground! Whew, we are finally coming up for air after the two shows...thanks so much for your comments and support. So sorry you didn't come with L & L...we really had a blast with them! Love all the pix you are posting...keep 'em coming!

    J & J

  12. OMG I just about fell off my chair viewing those amazing pics, especially at Linda Parkers booth. I want that dressing table!!

    Anna :)

  13. Wow if that doesn't bring a crowd nothing will! Thanks for showing my booth--I'm like Cooter Brown--I can't wait either!!! See you soon girlfriend!

    Hugs to all my buds,
    Shelley (and Mr. Pea of course)

  14. Thanks Ms. T for including my pic with the fab dealers of Texas. Love your black chairs, and just everything. I'm coming to your booth first. Hear that girls, dibs on Ms T's stuff... tee hee. Peg French Vanilla

  15. Wow, I'm just picking up the drool, now, from looking at all these amazing pictures~!! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Well as always I'm counting the days when we can all get together again! It seems like we were all just there. How time flies, I need to put away what I bought the last time I was there, hiding the evidence of a junk hoarder! Can't wait to hug your neck,-xoxo cindy


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