Sunday, March 21, 2010

Are you Ready To Party?

That song "dON't bE TaRDy fOr ThE pARty" keeps ringing in my head, not really one of my fav songs but it does have a catchy tune to it.  Having said that and now that that song will play in your head all day, are you ready to attend the Blog Party, which is one week from today, Sunday-March 28th at 6pm at my booth at Zapp Hall.  Do you have your blog buttons/banners/ribbons made?  If you missed that post, read about it here.  You still have time to make something great!

Just a reminder (not that you need one), who all will be at the Blog Party:

  1. Jo Packham and Gina Galvin will signing their books/magazines

  2. Texas Live Magazine will also be there selling magazines from the past show, in case you were in it, you can pick up a copy or see what they are all about.  Click here to see the issue that featured several of us.

  3. Carol of Cookie DeMonde will be there selling her wonderful works of art cookies  AND

  4. Here's another treat Polly of Counting Your Blessings will not be able to make it the shows, but she's sent goody bags that I've already received and they are just gorgeous.  So be there early to get one and not miss out on these.  There is a limited supply of these.

  5. Also, don't forget there will be door prizes for the best Blog Button/ Banner/Ribbon and those that show up get to be the judges to vote on this (one of the best prizes has been donated by Robelyn of Red*Neck Chic and I've got more ideas on what I'll be giving away that you'll just have to show up to find out)

  6. YOU ~ I hope you've made plans to be there! 
Since I won't be participating in the blog ribbon contest, I just had to go ahead and show you what sweet Ann of The Tin Rabbit made for me.  I feel almost as if I'm headed to the prom, it's just so beautiful:


  1. I'll be there I'll be there!!! Oh my gosh Teresa... I'm chunkin' my name tag and starting over - what a GORGEOUS one you have!!!!!

    Can't wait can't wait!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  2. Hi Theresa, I know it will be an awesome time. I'd sure love to be there, but I'll be rooting you all on from here. I'm excited for all the news and photos that will be coming out of there. Have a great time! What a beautiful rosette name tag!
    hugs and blessings,

  3. Yep, I've got my name tag all ready!

    I'm such a dink, I was thinking the blog party was on Tuesday. Never fear, I'll be there either way!

    Love ya,

  4. Theresa, that corsage Ann make for you is out of this world beautiful. You deserved the best one out there, just like I have told you before, Texas blogging would have never been the same without you. I wish i can be there on Sunday, we schedule our Easter Tea for that day. I will stop and visit Friday. Blessings queen of blogland, Marta.

  5. Girl I am lovin' that bride in your header photo!

    once again, I'll be in another side of Texas instead of in Warrenton! life is funny that way... somehow, someway... I'm going to get there one fall or spring... soon!

    have a wonderful time and sell a bunch of stuff! hugs. Dixie

  6. wouldn't miss it for the world! see you soon my friend!



  7. Oh my, how I wish I could come to Texas! Sounds like SO much fun!

  8. I borrowed your photo of Ann's gift for a sidebar button for my blog! I know it's gonna be a fantastic party! ~LA

  9. i'll be there! just scratched the last thing off my list! headed out tomorrow!!! c u soon!

  10. Hey Ms.T!
    Texan hubby and I will be there on Sunday, but will need to head back to Houston before you fab party begins! I will be there in spirit though...and of course will "leave" my print before I go! ;) See ya soon....xo..deb

  11. Theresa, I have just made a post on my blog about your party! I hope that I can get my booth set up and make it! I have a few other blogger friends that I am trying to bring along. Is there anything that we need to bring???

  12. Dear one... I know your party will be a fabulous one!! I only wish I could come this year!! Thinking of you and wishing you much success and happiness!

  13. I like going by Texas flea-markets through your eyes,it's truely a pleasant journey!

  14. Didn't I just see you...oh well...CUsoon!

  15. I'm with us the sites thru your eyes! Maybe someday I can go. Have fun~ XO, Ann

  16. I intend on being a part of this in the FALL =) Your button was beautiful!


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