Monday, July 02, 2007

My finds

Here are my Canton finds already displayed in my booth. My first purchase were the tall square columns. They were a fabulous find and are so versatile to use inside or out. The next item was a large apothecary jar situated under the black garden chair, which was a find from the last Round Top show. The last item bought at Canton was a glass refrigerator dish. I thought it would be cute on a porch with moss or garden frogs, flowers, shells, or anything.

Happy July 4th to you all!!


  1. Gotta love summer when all of this stuff is right in our face...gather ye up for the winter

  2. Happy July the fourth to you! This is my first visit to your blog, and have enjoyed reading your previous posts and looking through your photographs...especially the ones of all of your antique /flea market finds! I love anything French or French inspired, so of course, the red French mold was the first thing that caught my eye...c'est magnifique!


  3. your old chippy colomns..Where is your 'booth'?
    Thanks for sharing your adventures..I have a 'shortcut' to your blog on my desktop..anxious to read your daily' Deb

  4. Hi Kate: thanks for finding my blog and for stopping by.
    Hi Deb: my space is located in a shop in Huntsville Texas. I did a previous blog on this shop.
    I appreciate City Farmer and Gypsy Purple for stopping by. Hope everyone had a safe 4th!!

  5. oh, looks like I might want to come to Texas...everything looks great!!


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