Saturday, September 01, 2007

Texas Hill Country

We headed out today to eat at our favorite BBQ place the Salt Lick in Dripping Springs Texas. It is by far the most awesome BBQ I've ever had!! If you've never eaten there, it's worth the drive. We sat on the screened porch as we always do and had finger licking BBQ, the best homemade bread this side of Austin and my son loves their German potato salad and coleslaw because it's made with no mayo. I've been told the BBQ sauce is made with peach juice. You know even though it was hot, sitting on the porch was so nice. Of course, we had to share their best peach cobbler ever, served warm, and just so good. Here are my two handsome men standing outside the Salt Lick:

Then we headed toward Wimberley to attend their Market Days. Unfortunately, I think I had this image that it would be sort of like Canton Trade Days and it wasn't. There was mainly new things and crafts, jewelry, etc. Well at least we know now. Maybe you've been and found cool stuff, not that there weren't several vendors that did appeal to me, nothing just jumped out at me. This one vendor had a lot of gardening things, plants and a few antiques mixed in. She had also repurposed things with old doll parts, which I thought was different.

On our way through Wimberley, this one shop really caught my eye. After visiting with Angela the owner, she said she was once an Antiques Dealer and had imported antiques from overseas. Her shop Brocante was really pretty. She carries great soaps, lingerie, and a mixture of things. When you're in the area, stop by her shop at 14015 Ranch Road 12 or visit her website:

From there we went on to Smithville and stopped by the Main Street Village shop, which is moving soon. Unfortunately, their building has been sold and they will be relocating. I'll keep you posted. I did find a book at Nesting Feathers, next door to Main Street, that I've searched awhile for and I'll post on it this week.

As we drove through Warrenton and Round Top, I starting to get really excited about the show at the end of the month; you can almost feel the excitement in the air as we saw show promoters already getting their fields ready for the show. Right now they are just empty fields, freshly mowed, but before long all the big white tents will be up and the people will be everywhere setting up their displays. I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!


  1. These dolls on the wall are Absolutely Fabulous!

  2. Hello!

    Do you mind giving the name of the
    shop that is closing??
    Thank you!

  3. Hello Anonymous: if you will email me at or click on the email icon on my profile, I'll be glad to share this with you.


  4. You hit a lot of wonderful shops!
    So much to see...I love it!

  5. I just got back from the flea market and you're pictures and talk of Round Top and Canton make me want to go again!...I've never been to the big Texas flea markets...there really is no such thing as too much shopping is there?

    Or too much barbeque for that matter!


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