Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall-o-ween Contest...I Won!!

While I'm normally not into Halloween decorating, when I saw that our office was having their first annual Fall-o-ween Decorating contest, I thought this could be really fun. I started thinking about various ideas and since I had just recently came across some really old cool medical equipment, I knew this would be my theme. When I walked in and saw all the decorating that was going on, I knew I had some stiff competition ahead of me. I came up a spooky doctor's office and my idea won 1st Place!!

These are several pictures of the outside of my office. I came across the Doctor sign (Worth Parker) when I was in Warrenton; I also had his doctor's degree, Edwin Worth Parker was the name on it, but I sold it to a friend. He was Psychiatrist.

I put the X-Ray machine on one wall and the metal equipment stand underneath it. There's a glove mold missing a finger, with gauze. I sure hope he can put a prosthetic finger back on it!! The black cat just added to the effects of the X-Ray.

Here is the "Record" or appointment book with several Apothecary jars or English Jars filled with experimental medicine (moss and various other things).

A witch flew in for an appointment, but he wasn't taking patients today! Thanks Debbie for the great idea!!

And of course there was a spread...doesn't it look too good!!

Happy Fall-o-ween to all!!


  1. How totally F*U*N!! Great job, and congratulations on being the well deserved winner!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I added your name to my give away.

    I love visiting your blog, too, so inspiring, kindred spirit!

  2. Great job Theresa and most importantly, it looks like you had fun with it.
    Take good care, Cheryl

  3. I love it. You had fun and did a great job!


  4. cool and fun is that. Congrats on your win, well deserved I might add. HH is cute too. All wonderfully done.

  5. Hey Theresa! Welcome back! Just might have to borrow some of those ideas for next year at the shop! Congrats on winning!


  6. Congratulations...
    Your office looks fantastic!
    I'm not surprised you got 1st place, Good for you...


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