Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Seed Box Antiques @ La Bahia show

Meloney and her husband from the Seed Box Antiques in Missouri were at the La Bahia Antiques show during show week this past week. I thought you might enjoy seeing their space. I did stop early in the week, but hurriedly saw a few things as they were unloading. By the time I was able to stop and visit them it was almost the end of the week so I know I missed a lot of great things they had:

Visit their website for more info. about their next show or shop location.


  1. I love these guys! Thanks for sharing your booth pics. All mine were close-up so it was nice to see the overall.

  2. Wow! They have an awesome set-up! Thanks for the peek! Wish I was closer**I could do some serious damage in their tent!! Maybe in the spring!!


  3. Thanks so much, I enjoyed every bit of this post!



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