Thursday, September 18, 2008

Junkin Buddies

Okay all you junkin buddies that are out there, 7 DAYS and counting until the fun starts. Now, no excuses aloud, you can't change your plans now, you just are going to have to find other ways to save money so that you'll have more to buy more junk. And rather than drive from the Cole's Antique Show to Zapp Hall, just park in between the shows and walk one direction, go back to the car and rest and then go in the other direction!! There you go I've solved your money problems. Just make sure to bring comfortable shoes, a hat to shade the sun, water bottles and snacks. We are so hoping for beautiful weather for the shows; NO RAIN ALLOWED!!

Are you psyched about the Upcoming Shows. I sure hope so. Let me know if you are coming out!! We'll be in the same spot at Zapp Hall, right in front of the hall.


  1. Howdy from Houston! (I have been able to find a place to get some electricity & internet)to check in. I am so glad to hear that you & your family are doing well!

    Well, we survived. Do have damage and my husband's family & several of our friends live on Bolivar Island (so that you can imagine). I obviously will not be making it to Round Top as planned. Too much here to have to get back on track.

    I still do not have power at home or the shop and am told it will be 2-4 weeks. Been an interesting time needless to say.

    Have fun at Round Top...wish I could come see ya!

    Hugs from your yaya sista...down here "living on the edge".
    debi (the junkin' yaya)

  2. We moved our stuff to Warrenton today lots of activity,tents going up a new field or two.Some new great looking tents,and shoppers! I made a couple of sales and we had dealers looking through our stuff and BUYING I guess we will have a good show. I went through my customer list and sad to say I did have many customers from Houston and Galveston. I hope they are ok.
    Here's to a good time and good friends!
    Gas available.....

  3. Theresa,

    We're soooo ready for this coming weekend. We'll be there bright and early on Saturday and then back on Thursday for Junk Prom and more shopping on Saturday. See you soon.

    Carol and girls

  4. So sad for you all that are still having to deal with all the problems in Houston, my middle daughter, Amanda, called me last night from her apartment telling me to listen, she was using her washer, Yippee, she said she couldn't wait for the water heater to heat some water so that she could have her first hot bath in nearly a week. She didn't have power until last night, and her roomate still has to replace her mattress, they found a leak in the ceiling. But things are getting back to normal for her. Her neighbors were so nice to check on her while she was there alone. It seems they all were looking out for each other. One of the hospitals that she is doing her clinicals at will not be ready for another two to four weeks, so her semester will run longer because of that. Hope everyone is making it through okay. She will definately make it to Warrenton.

  5. Oh sush!!!!! You sound like a ticking time bomb. I am freaking out! I haven't even started packing and/or figuring out how I am going to get all my goodies home. May rent a U-haul in Dallas before I come down ??????

    Do you know anyone that will be shipping or coming home to Colorado?????

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!


  6. Hope to visit you during Round Top/Warrenton. Sell bunches!

    The Texas Woman

  7. Hi Teresa,
    I've followed your blog for some time now ( I don't usually comment on blogs), but just had to jump in and say I hope to meet you at Warrenton. Feel like I know you from your blog and all the wonderful things others say about you! Can't wait to see everything. Hope it's still a big show after Ike. Don't work too hard setting up for the show! Looking forward to seeing you in big Texas.
    Sandra B.

  8. Wow, I am so jealous of the wonderful places you get to go antiquing. How fun. The photos are always so awesome. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the loot you bring home from this trip.
    Tammy ;D


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