Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Queen For A Day

When you were a little girl did you ever want to grow up and be a princess? Well, why not be a queen instead. This means you are BOSS. You rule and rein and have more powers than a princess, besides the princess has to answer to the Queen. Now there's a genuine Queen in our presence today (and any other day she wishes to pretend she is Queen) and we must bow down and pay our respects to her. Okay, lets all practice our bowing to the queen. Come on play along, don't be a poor sport. Bow down just like she was in your presence right now. See I knew you could do it. You ask why would I do this, because today is Ms. Talking Trash herself's official birthday and we have to respect her all day today.

Let me start by telling you how her day is planned. Her first stop of the day on her whirlwind trip through Texas is stopping at the Collin Street Bakery, where she'll meet Carolyn Westbrook for breakfast.

Don't forget Deb to pick me up a pastry, I'll be starving by the time you make it to my place.

Then, Mindy has agreed to meet her at Starbucks for a quick lattee and then she must be on her way. I'm sure they'll be lots of fans waiting outside, but she'll just have to gently do her princess wave (I mean Queen's wave) and wish them well. She has a long way to go before her trip ends and her carriage (or Limo that CD has rented for a few hours) will turn into a pumpkin. Don't wear your big bling ring Deb someone might try and snatch it! Anyways, back to her trip.

From there, she'll meet Cher and Renee in Fairfield so that they can grab a quick Birthday snack at Sam's.

Now don't tarry long Deb, because I have lunch waiting for you and you know how much Renee likes to talk and have show and tell:

From there CD is anxiously waiting for her in her carriage ride and has to fan her all the way to Huntsville. Oh wait a minute, she just received a call from....who, who do you think? He has agreed to meet her on I-45 only if CD doesn't tag along. He has a present waiting for her. Hmmm, I wonder who her secret admirer is, she's smiling from ear to ear and is quickly putting on talcum powder (do you remember these days) and spraying her new birthday gift from Mindy (Avon of course that she got in a bag of goodies the other day--it sort of still smelled fresh). Oh he won't care, he'll be too busy looking in her eyes to smell that....well maybe not he might smell that and decide to run the other way. Well, can you see now why she was trying to keep this phone call a secret. For heaven's sake, if you saw this hunka hunka burnin love on the side of the road and you knew he was waiting for you, wouldn't you keep it a secret and have a smile a mile long on your face too! But, no she resists the urge and calls him back and just explains in her sweetest southen voice that she just can't make it this time!! But CD won't stand for it and takes the phone from her and tells him to never call again or he'll have to hit him with his fist in the mouth, and that will stop him from singing for awhile.

They continue on their journey and Deb has to sweet talk CD so he's not mad. She finally calms him down with the dessert she had bought me, but I guess it was well worth it. They finally arrive at The Farm House Restaurant. What a trip. I see them coming in the door, I'm in the corner, and wave to them. We have our lunch, it's quiet because CD is still kinda upset, but once he eats his lunch he's in a better mood. Deb on the other hand was just so busy waving at everyone and hugging all her fans and the well wishes she kept receiving, well it was just an honor to be in her presence on her birthday.

She's in a hurry and can't stay long because she has to continue her trip to Malakoff, where Donna, Lillie, Maggie and Gloria are meeting her for Jalapeno infused Margarita's at the shops.

Good thing she has a driver and doesn't have to worry that she would have to help CD navigate home. Again, she can't stay long because she just received a call from her Honey Baked Hams are quickly flying into Dallas for a few hours. They didn't bring any luggage this time because they only have only a few hours to spare. That way they can't get charged extra for their luggage and they don't have to wait on the airlines to find it in case they lose it again. They are meeting her at Gilley's in Dallas. Deb is so excited, she can't hardly contain herself, as this is one of her favorite places to go on Friday Nights!!

Once Deb starts swaying to the music with CD, she starts reminiscing about how they met (she'll have to give you the details about this because only she can tell it). She feels like Sissy in the Urban Cowboy Movie dancing with John Travolta (or CD). With the hour so late, they can't stay long. They say their fairwells and off they go into the night. What a way to end her Birthday!! So many sweet memories.

From a distance she hears CD saying, Deb Deb wake up, you've been dreaming!!

The End!!

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  1. What a fun way to start my birthday off with! This is a great reason to get up early. You are a hoot and just for the record, it has to be a dream 'cause I would so kick C.D. to the curb if Harry was waiting. Law, no wonder I am a chubby girl with all the eating I do!
    The Queen is most pleased with her birthday present and you may kiss her ring.
    Thank you so much Theresa for this special Happy Birthday surprise!!!
    It's great to be the Queen.

  2. I'm so glad Deb gets to be queen for a day in your books, Theresa. What a great day you have planned for, with limo and all:)!

  3. That's a sweet and special birthday wish for a very special lady!

  4. A dream? Shoot! Was about to head out to Starbucks. Theresa, you have outdone yourself! How fun! I hope the Queen feels the love, cuz we are all sending it to her today. ~Mindy

  5. Sounds like a fun day.
    too bad it was a dream.

  6. Hysterical! Happy Birthday Deb!!


  7. Miss T, you have been hanging around Trash so long you are beginning to write like her. Too funny. You did a great job. And if she is kicking CD to the curb, he's mine. Lauri@chippys

  8. How cute is that!!! Great story "Miss T"! Hope all is going well and things are doing good way up yonder!

    Have a beautiful week! xo...deb

  9. I will let Deb be the Queen for a day, sounds like fun! But then I get to be one everyday, nanny nanny!
    Hope it was a grand day for the Queen!
    Linda Q

  10. T -- I didn't know you were such a writer! I want a birthday like that!!!
    Happy Birthday to the Queen, Ms. Deb!

  11. I love your blog and am adding you to my favorites! It's always fun and I check it daily!

  12. How fun! What a friend she has in you! I want to hang with you all!!!

  13. Theresa....I'm tagging you! Check my blog in a bit for details. ~Mindy


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