Friday, November 06, 2009

It's Friday and We are headed on the Junkin Trail!!

It's Friday and we are headed out of town on a shopping trip!!  I can't wait to hit the road in search of treasures.  We (yes my husband and I and even our son has decided to tag along and...we are meeting up with friends on our trip) are super excited because I know we are going to find treasures along the way and see people we know and find things we love.  We've never come back empty handed from this trip before and we go every year, so look out, we'll be on the prowl and super focused.  If you see me and I don't speak it's because I'm on a mission.

But before we hit the road, I wanted to show ya'll my office redo.  My vintage things in my office are what helps me sit there 8 hours, do my work, and gets me through the day.  Let me take you through the tour:

Don't you just love the bittersweet draped across the mirror.  I bought the mirror many years ago from a dealer in my town for $3.00, can you believe it, look at the patina on it.  The small mirror in front of the larger one was bought too for $3.00.  The green pumpkin and bittersweet are from Missouri.  The leather bound books, the tin container, mallard, and planter make the vignette. There's a wicker bottle in the back with coral and a shell too.

 I just bought the green crushed velvet pillow last weekend.  I just loved the look of it.  The wicker chair has a story too.  My husband works for our local college and found it sitting next to the trash.  Can you believe that someone would want to throw it away.  It has specks of pink paint peeking through.  I've had it for many years and another thing I just love.  Yes, even my husband will dumpster dive except in this case it was just waiting for him.

The hunting pic in the background was bought recently from Jill of Jill Suzanne in Warrenton.  I didn't mind that it had water stains, just added more character to it.

Here's a close up shot of the leather bound books.  The taller one is a ledger and the other is a dictionary.

 The Mallard duck was bought from Ms. Judy Hill during the last Marburger show.  Isn't it pretty!

 Here's another close up shot of the duck.

 The metal box was found this last weekend with Ms. Jo Harmon.  I loved the initials on the top and thought it would be great during the Holiday season filled with goodies.


Now take a look at this ledger book.  It's from 1927 and was used to record farm, garden, and other sales.  How cool was that.  I loved the worn look of it.  It too was found this past weekend in Canton.

Click on the picture to get a better look of the 1927 date.  Hope you enjoyed my office tour.  Check back in a few days for pictures of our trip, who we saw, what we bought, and for complete tales of our junkin adventure.


  1. Theresa, your office is awesome! I ADORE it! Filled with so many special old treasures, how can it not help your workday?!! p.s. good luck on the junking trail!

  2. What fabulous finds surround you there....inspired me

  3. A cubicle has never looked soooo good!!!

  4. don't speak, huh? you won't think me rude? okay! i totally understand being on a mission. that is exactly what we say too! sweet blog!

  5. Theresa, your office is after my own heart. I love the ledgers and the duck. Do you have fun looking at the treasures, remembering the fun buying them? Have fun with the family and friends this road trip. sandi

  6. Wow, it looks more like your studio than an office! How wonderful that you've been able to personalize this space and put your unique stamp on it. Love it!

  7. Have a wonderful time on your junkin trail. I can't wait to see what you find!

  8. If you gotta work an 8-5er...this is the way to do it with style!
    Watch out for those flats in the road.


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