Saturday, November 07, 2009

What's The Story

I know I've mentioned many times that one of my favorite pastimes is driving the country side looking at old houses, abandoned places, and wondering over and over what the story is behind these places.  Did the family decide to move on to better things.  Were they old and no longer living and family didn't want the places.  Why were they abandoned, left to ruin in the elements.  So many questions and I just often wonder what's happened to the families that they didn't or couldn't keep the places going.

One house that I've often wondered about is located in downtown Anderson Texas.  If you ever been through Anderson you know if you blink you've missed it.  It's located near Navasota, and we've passed this town many times on our way to Warrenton for the shows.

Last Sunday when we were out that way, I stopped and asked a friend of mine what the story was behind this house:

 He said the house was owned by several family members and none of them wanted to do anything with the property, so it's slowing ruining.  At one time you could tell this was a prominent house.  It sits on the main street and even though it's almost in ruins, it still has such character.  I can just envision kids playing in the yard behind the once beautiful picket fence.

 See you can tell it was a two story farm house.  I wanted to go in so bad and explore it, but my friend said that if I even put one foot past the picket fence I'd be arrested.  He said so far about eight people have been arrested for exploring (or probably stealing things from the place).

 Look at the chimney that still sits beside the place.  I could see a fire coming out of it in the coolness of the day.

 The sun that was shining through was so pretty.

More of the top story that doesn't have much left to it.

 Here's a close up view of the porch.

Now the property sits on about 3 square blocks or more.  There's the abandoned house, the storage building next door, that was part of the store, which is also next to the storage building.

Here's what left of the store that's located on the corner of the property.  I could see it too had a chimney in it.

 You know I had to take a picture of the church located right around the corner from this place.

At least it hasn't been torn down or left to the elements.  I hope you enjoyed the tour and if you are ever in Anderson Tx check out this place.  There are several shops located downtown as well.  Happy Saturday to you all.  Wait until you see where we went this weekend, you are sssssssoooooooooo going to wish you had tagged along!  Can't wait to show you.


  1. Oh My...I do the same thing! I always wonder what the family was like, what they did for a living, how many kids grew up there. That is a great old house. It always makes me sad to see houses in ruin like that...they hold such memories for someone (or did). It makes me think about the movie "Trip to Bountiful" and how sad the lady was when she saw her old house falling apart. Great movie by the way...if you have not seen it. Have fun on your trip...can't wait to see pictures.

  2. awwwww...poor little house...that is so sad...

    LOVE your pretty!!!

  3. I always wonder that about abandon homes. Thank goodness I am not the only one! I think it is such a shame that no one loves these homes anymore.

  4. If walls could talk...maybe some lady in a nursing home is telling tall tales about her life in that home... fried green tomatoe style,
    makes you stop and think.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Loved the tour! Thanks so much!
    Laura :)

  6. What a crime, to let a house rot in it's place! So many times I've seen old buildings torn down or left to ruin. I think it should be punishable. That family should be ashamed to disgrace their heritage like that. Apparently, at one time, it was a beautiful home. If walls could talk...what they must be saying....
    Tami E.

  7. I love doing that also. Going to California to visit kids we go through 4 states in one day and I'm always lusting after the old shacks along the way that are falling down. I've even thought of stopping and pulling off some boards but Love Bunny assures me it would be illegal! He keeps me honest...LOL

  8. I love your new header photo! I grew up taking drives in the country. Sad that house is just rotting away! I can picture it along with you.

  9. I can just imagine how grand it must have been. Such a waste to let it go to ruin. I'm with you, I just love to explore old abandoned buildings.
    Thanks for sharing such great photos.

  10. That's so sad, how could no one in the family not want a piece of history. There is an old house that is totally cool down her in Old Towne Seal Beach. It sits across the street from the beach. I know one day, the City will condemn it, tear it down and build something ugly and big and expensive! So sad to lose the architectural elements that history so willingly leave behind!

  11. What a fascinating post. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

  12. Beautiful and sad at the same time ... I think exactly the same thing when I see old abandoned homes just rotting away, why doesn't anyone want them or care enough to let someone else appreciate and love it? I live very close to a whole city {Camden, NJ} that is basically in the same repair as this house .... there is street after street full of dead brownstones with gorgeous architecture decaying ... can you tell this subject really hits home with me? Thanks for sharing your trip!


  13. What a wonderful post - but, oh so sad to see a once loved home now empty and in decay.

  14. Girl, I know your were itching to get closer to that old run down chippy beauty!! I know I catch myself doing the same thing always scared to go in. I don't think I would look good in stripes... believe me that would just be my luck too. Hope all is well, HUGS, Janna

  15. I am so sad to see this. This old girl once housed a family, with laughter ringing through the rooms. :( Too bad no one is taking care of this old home.

  16. I get sad seeing houses like that too especially when you know they were once beauties. We went by a house just like that on our way to Madison Bouckville Ant. show this fall that one of our passengers teased she wanted to buy...not realistic....we live 3 hrs away! Everytime we went by we'd say there's your house. We finally stopped to take pictures.Wouldn't you know I some how must have deleted them :)
    sorry for the long comment...just got me thinking!!!

  17. I hate seeing stuff like this, particularly when it's a family dispute. At the end of my block there's a beautiful stone house (1939) that was vacant for 25+ years. The family had been fighting over it for that long. You could even see the furniture in it. The upside: a few years ago, a grandson (mid-20s) asked if he fixed it up, could he move in. He and his roomies, who are all landscapers and contractors, have made it beautiful. The downside: they put all the furniture and belongings on the curb for pickers. While I was at my day job. ARG! Thanks for the tour and reminding us of the beauty of these old homes.

  18. No taunting the poor brocante junkies:) Tell SHOW us where you went and what you saw!!!! Can't wait.

  19. I have been thru Anderson and have seen this old house, glad you told me not to go in. I can't imagine letting it go down like that.


  20. what a shame!!!! Wonder if the gypsy in me would have taken a chance to go in and explore???

  21. It is sad isn't it? We have a few of these in town, it just hurts to see them falling by the wayside, literally. Be safe!

    yapping cat


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