Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White Wednesday at Marburger & Magnolia Pearl

Since it's Kathleen's White Wednesday and I haven't participated in what seems forever, I want to take you back to the Marburger Farms Antique Show to check Robin's displays.  You know if you go to Marburger you absolutely have to check out Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl's clothes.  Her clothes are a work of art.  I just love the look and feel and how she creates such beauty. 

It's absolutely an investment when you buy her clothes, but so well worth it.  They are timeless and will last from season to season and I don't think they will go out of style.

While I was there taking pictures, Carol was shooting pictures of their booth for an upcoming issue in Where Women Create.  It was fun watching them get ready for the shoot:

Don't you just love her designs:

Every detail of her booth is just so pleasing to the eye:

This is one of her newest dresses for her Spring Collection:

Another view of her booth:

 Jo and Gina even used Magnolia Pearl clothes in their booth set up:

Just gorgeous, love it all Robin!!  Be sure and check out Kathleen's other participants in White Wednesday.  Happy Wednesday to you all!


  1. Good Morning!
    Waking up, drinking super duper strong coffee and soooooo enjoying your blog as always! Great way to wake up!

    Your pictures ....I am loving the Texans shows, alas with yearning to be there myself. Gotta make time for a trip before the summer heat sets in.
    Cheers, cindykay

  2. I really agree with you. Gorgeous designs have a happy WW.

  3. Hi Theresa
    Didn't you just love everything in her booth! I wanted that silk cream dress with the rouching but out of my price range.
    I didn't post her shop because I sure of the name... it is something like Guns and Gunslingers - she said I would laugh if I saw it because it is totally different than what we used to do. I will have to look it up and post it
    Have a wonderful day sweet girl

  4. Good Morning Theresa. My, you've been a busy gal! I've certainly been enjoying your posts from the just have too much fun! I'm jealous of all the events in thanks for sharing so I can dream!

    Take care,

  5. Gorgeous white post, YUM!!!

  6. I've always loved looking at her clothes but out of my price range also. I'm not a fashionista, sugar, just a plain ol' chick happy in pants and t-shirts. *Sigh*..... I really need to get a life here, ya know?!

  7. So feminine, but there's a strength there also. I would love to see them up close. She is an amazing person in having read about her. Thank you for sharing these photos! Hope you're having a wonderful day, dear T.

  8. What a lot of work but something tells me, she has great help. I love her clothes & I always love reading her blog -- she has such a sweet soul. Also, your header is great. Hope you're having as beautiful a day as we are. Jan

  9. Amazing photos! I know my Country Roads family raves about her! Thanks for giving me another reason to go to Texas in the Fall!
    Take care, Sue

  10. I am very glad I noticed your blog. I really like the items you have posted. I live in Tecas and have never been to Marbuger. Some f my friends have and they say it is great. I will hve to go sometime. Maybe wihen I retire. Just wanted to let you know how much I like your blog.
    Have a Blessed Day!
    Pam :-)

  11. my goodness it just looks all to good.
    How does anyone walk into a booth like that and not faint

  12. Theresa,
    Certainly a highlight of Marburger Farms!! At any given time her booth was absolutley packed...we women know class when we see it, huh! While her clothes are a bit of an "investment"...I agree that they are timeless...and considering you are buying straight from the designer...not too bad! I fell in love with that new silk dress! YUM!
    Have a wonderful Day,T

  13. Be still my heart. Robin's clothes are Just beautiful. I keep saying I will be there. Maybe next year. I heard it was wonderful!

  14. Thanks for sharing so those of us that couldn't go feel like we were there too. Great shots! Love the look of MP clothes. Just not the price. Have a great week. By the way, where is Flint TX? HUGS! Charlene

  15. Theresa, Robin's clothes are just incredibly beautiful.Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos.

  16. I'm so glad to see that you shot at Magnolia Pearl's place at Marburger. It was so crowded I couldn't get in on opening day.

  17. Hi Theresa
    Love the Magnolia Pearl posts... great minds think alike!
    I especially like the photo of her braiding the girls is so Robin!
    Wish I could attend some of those barn sales!
    Many blessings to you this week

  18. Her work and her booths are just enchanting.....great photos T!


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