Thursday, July 01, 2010

Do You Know These Girls?

Well if you don't let me tell you about them. 

Yes, they were trying to hide behind their fans, but really they were wanting to introduce you to their new spot in Canton.  There's Maggie of The Veranda and Lillie of Junk Palace and you can now find them in their new building, Dry Creek Landing, which is behind the Paul Mitchell building.

You will most definately want to check out what they will be bringing to Canton each month, just look at what they had this month:

Super fabulous things, don't you think. Be sure and look for them at Zapp Hall in the Fall and at The Barn Chicks show in November in Gonzales.

We had a great time in Canton today.  Wait until you see what all I found.  Can't wait to show you.


  1. I will visit Maggie and Lillie the next time I go to Canton..I will be waiting to see what you bought today at Canton. Have a Happy 4th of July.
    I hope you will be with all 3 of your boys. sandi

  2. Great pictures! They have fabulous things, and really know how to put it all together!! And don't they look cute all hiding behind thier fans?!!

  3. wow, I so wish I could make it to Canton some day... Can't wait to see what you got.



  4. How did you have time to get to Canton after the great booth at Red Barn???? Can't wait to see your goodies!!

  5. Hi Theresa, great pictures... I loved their new booth I thought it looked wonderful!!! Can't wait to see the treasures you got. I found a few things, I just didn't have alot of time!!! hugs~~~Daphne


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