Sunday, July 03, 2011

July Canton

We went to the Canton Texas Flea Market this past Thursday.  It was so hot that we didn't stay long.  Since I had read that Carol of Raised in Cotton was planning a trip there, I was hoping that I would get the chance to see her before I left.   There weren't many vendors this time and since I knew it was going to be so hot we arrived early.  After I had walked the entire grounds, I was on my way out when I saw Carol and her friends:


This is Christine with Carol (thanks Carol). It was good to see her and meet her shop partners.

We went to Jo's place in Quinlan and found more things with her than we did at Canton.  I always enjoy seeing her.  Our final stop was at Winnie & Tulula's, where I bought a treasure with Margo.

They now have a fresh flower market in the shop:


Now there isn't anything you can't find at this place.

I want to say thank you again for all your kind and sweet emails and comments.  I hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend.


  1. Hi, just want to say "hello" and glad to read your post today. i have not posted in over a month due to problems, i spent a whole month taking care of my mom who is battling breast cancer. so i know what it means to get your priorities in line. wishing you the very best in your present struggle. i hope soon to be able to apply myself again to my blog. positive thoughts sent your way.
    terri @ breadandbutter :O)

  2. I am saying a prayer for you tonight and I hope things get better for you.I feel we go through the valleys in life for a reason and sometimes only GOD knows the purpose. My thoughts and prayers are with you and wishing you the best. Happy 4th!

  3. Teresa,
    Just a few words to say I've been thinking of you since your recent "Closed For the Season" post, and it has been a treat to find you have felt up to posting a couple times since.
    My daughter found a lot of comfort in the words of Winston Churchill who said, "If you are going through hell, keep on going." Fairly blunt, but oh-so true.
    Take care of you, wrap yourself in faith and peace will reappear.

  4. Great Blog! Lovely pictures!
    I love it all!


  5. Hotter then a fire cracker.....missed seeing ya.
    Happy 4th of July!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  6. Looks like a fun trip. I love the folding chairs on the wall!

  7. Hey Sweet T:)

    Even though it was "hawt" it was well worth the trip just to see you! I know you've had some difficult times but I really feel everything will get better for you~ sending many prayers your way~ Hugs to my favorite "411 T"

    Hugs, Carol
    ps Thats Christine to my right, Denise's niece:)))

  8. I pretty much stay away from any serous outdoor flea market in Texas from June through Mid September... thank goodness Round Top is late September!!!

  9. So excited to see a post from you! Hope you are well my friend!

  10. Happy Fourth to you!

    Wish there was a great place like that to shop here in Canton Massachusetts!

  11. How in the world did you keep from melting down! It's been so hot here the other day I had to change clothes 3 times in one day! And I know you hate the heat! One of these days I'm going to Canton, but I think I'm gonna go in Jan.! LOL!

  12. Hope you are feeling a bit better by now. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

    OH what treat that must be in Canton. WE have lived here in Texas for over 13 years now..and have never been up there...we will have to make a real effort to go up there in the late Fall..I don't deal with the outdoor heat here very well. And being in my 70's and having Fibro does not help.
    P.S. Have just joined your blog, have NO idea how I have missed it thus far.


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