Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who Is Tall, Dark, & Handsome & Turning 60?

Who can you visualize is Tall (the hat makes him taller), Dark (only because of the Texas Show Dirt otherwise he's not so dark) and we all know he's Handsome A*N*D he's turning 60 pretty soon?  I mean just take a look at who I am talking about (I know you could visualize a million TDH men), but he was definately at the top of your list, right:

A show celebrity in his own right.  I mean my goodness, he's made the initials "CD" famous.  In case you don't know what CD stands for, it's Cat Daddy, the one and only, the original CD (created by his lovely wife)!

Many a celebrity (and a wantabe celeb) have only WISHED!! they would have coined the phrase "CD" so that they would have been known for being famous for this, but nope this title only belongs to the one and only. 

If you've never met him in person.  Well, let me warn you first.  When he speaks to you sometimes it's at a distance (and when we are all unloading for the shows it's probably best at a distance for all of us), he'll do this special hand wave and dance (he pretends he's Elvis--so don't tell him any difference) and you don't think he's smiling.  But you see, he's smiling inside.  This is secret trade mark.

And if he really really likes you (he likes me I think or at least he acts like he does), well he'll bow down to you.  This is a real special gesture on his part.

He'll also tease you terribly bad, like telling you he sold something really expensive for a $1 (sorry inside joke).

Now let me finish telling you why I'm doing this post on him.

He's turning 60 in a few weeks (can you believe it) AND he's giving himself a Birthday Party.  Can you imagine...  So if you want to come to Zapp Hall and wish him a Happy Birthday, you have to go through Ms. Trash first (that's the name my husband calls her and he is known as Daddy Cat--just in case you wanted some history to our friendship). 

Anyways, go over to Deb's Blog for all the 411 on this Party!

Happy Early Birthday CD, you know we love you!!!!!!!!!

One more thing, Deb says that Black Hat mysteriously disappeared.
  I think we should pitch in and buy him another one  Whatya say?


  1. Goodness T... we're going to be swarmed with all of his kittens, aren't we? Gonna have to get him a leash! LOLOL

    ;-D robelyn

  2. Forget the leash...this will put him off the chain! I see all my housebreaking going down the drain.
    Reckon Big Tex would be willing to loan CD his Stetson 'cause I'm pretty sure that's the only hat that's going to fit his big head now! Thanks a lot SweetT for reminding him of that stupid black hat!
    Deb the Mama Cat

  3. That hat made my ancient, old heart skip a beat (wait I forgot my meds)!! CD don't need any old hat to be sixty~!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY early


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