Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Blog Party & Famous People

**Warning ~ There's a lot of pics in this post!**

This past Warrenton Fall Antique Show found me seeing/meeting so many people, from the friends that came out, those that attended the Blog Party, meeting the HGTV crew, and I even got to meet one of the Picker Sisters.  We just had a blast each time someone stopped by.  This will be a random post of those that I saw at the show:

Of course seeing Elizabeth was a nice surprise.  Here she is with Debbie.

This past Blog Party I hosted Michelle Delgado, who is the Annie Sloan chalk paint distributor out of Houston, and she came and did a demonstration on this paint.  She took a plain chair and turned it into a beautiful chair.

There she is in the background working on the chair and here is Billy with Brian.

 Carolyn of Carle Inc. was also there with her beautiful jewelry and HGTV reps sent goody bags to give out.  I think we had a great turnout to the party.  Thanks also to Cheryl of Zapp Hall for providing the wine.  We again had lots of goodies to eat (thanks to everyone that brought something) and it was great visiting with all that came out.  Just take a look at the fun times. 

There's Anne and Tom

HGTV reps with Aimee.  Go to their blog to read more about their new adventure.  Be sure and watch HGTV Thanksgiving weekend to get a preview of the Junk Gypsy show.  I was excited that my booth was filmed but who knows if it will make the cut.

Teresa, Theresa, Anne, and Amy

Rex and Shelley

Amy and her mom Terri

Debbie, Lisa, and Kristi

TOT with Renee

Honey with her sister Donna and her niece Jessica (thanks Honey for telling me her name).

There's Judy with Gina.

Here's more fun pics:

Here's Julie.  She comes all the way from Florida and she's in a shop called Alyssa's.

Dancin Diva's, well it sort of looked they were dancing (Cindy with Deb).  Thanks Cindy for my cute apron.

Ron and Binky

Binky with Robin

You just never know who you are going to see in Warrenton and when I saw Tanya of Picker Sisters I just had to have a picture with her:

That's Tanya, myself, and Cindy that sets up in the big tent.  It was kinda funny because everyone kept pointing her out and I just politely went up to her and asked for a picture.  I really enjoyed watching their new show on Lifetime.

Look at who else I got to see at the show:

Stephanie, Janet, and Kristi with their Red Neck shirts (hey for some reason I didn't get a picture of Robelyn~Where were you Evelyn? Her new name as given to her at the show).

Christie with Theresa

Debbie with me.  Debbie your words of wisdom meant so much to me, thank you!

Lori and her crew

The Man!

So glad to finally meet Dixie and Candy

Teresa with her hubby

There's Cher!

Nancy and John stopped by

Brandy, Kristi, and Mickie (Brandy and Mickie are the mother/daughter team that does the Accumulations Vintage Home and Garden Fair in Driftwood Texas.  They will be having another one coming up at the beginning of next year.  I'll post details as they get closer)

Susanne with her cutie pies!  (Don't forget she's having a huge Show this weekend, check out her blog for details).

Alex and TOT

Can you tell by looking at all our faces just how HOT this show was.  I think it was the worst show we've had in a long time because of the heat.  Nevertheless, we still all had a good time.  So glad to have seen everyone.  I've posted links to everyone's site so if you can click on their names you'll be directed there.  There were also so many others that I didn't post pics of and so glad you all stopped by as well.  Can't wait for the Spring Show to see you all again! 

Wait until I do the post on "The Man's" birthday!!  Yep, it'll be a good one.  Be sure and check out my TEXAS ANTIQUE EVENTS TAB at the top of my blog to see what's happening in November.  There's lots of events going on.  Have a great rest of the week. 


  1. Thank you for all the introductions. I love that you had links so I can check out all the talented people.

  2. This is why you are the queen. Everyone who is anyone must stop by and pay homage to the GREAT ONE! LOL
    Seriously, you are so much better than I am about capturing moments with photos. I don't know why I even bother to carry a camera.
    It was fact I don't know if hot is a strong enough word to convey exactly how much it was like being in an oven set at 425 degrees. Gah...but we survived and had a great time anyway.

  3. That was a great blog party! One of my favs! Do you know everybody in this business? I can't ever remember anyones name!

    I had a great time in Texas this time! I'm already looking forward to the next show! Wander what famous people will visit you next time?


  4. makes me wish all the more that i was closer to TX. it looks like it was a great time! Thanks for the pics, now i need to go back and check out some of those that you introduced me to! t.xoxoxo

  5. What great pics, Theresa!
    I am so honored that you included me even though I wasn't able to stay long at all. Wow, I really missed out on seeing a lot of great friends by having to leave early. :-(


  6. Hey, you've just posted my "bucket list" of people I'd love to meet in the flesh one day, (including YOU!)...thanks for the pics!


  7. thanks T! We loved meeting you too!

  8. a great blog party for sure! thanks for posting a rare pic of me and mr. pea together.



  9. Love your blog party and seeing all your pictures!

    So happy to be counted as a famous person ;)! But I really hate pictures of myself, especially after a near heat stroke! The other person is my niece, Jessica.

  10. So insanely jealous! Can't wait until spring to hang with my peeps!!! XOXOX

  11. It was a good party even if you missed us AGAIN.
    I wish you every success, you work hard.
    Hope you and Cruz have a good Thanksgiving.

  12. *giggle*
    I was wearin' my camo duct tape so's nobody could see me. LOLOLOL

    I had soooo much fun at your blog party - let's do it again! hee-hee That Tot is a mess - and I'm so glad I got to spend some more time with BOTH of you this past show!!!

    Next time I won't wear my camo...

    ;-D Evelyn.

  13. Looks like you all had fun despite the heat!!


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