Friday, November 04, 2011

November Canton

Yesterday bright and early, Junkin buddy and I hit the road to Canton.  It was a little chilly when we got there but it was the best weather ever for finding treasures.  We found several great things, from some wonderful old ephemera, a victorian bench, ironstone, a metal medical cabinet, and lots more.  I'll post pics of my finds soon.  Do you need to be convinced that you need to go to the Canton Texas Flea Market?  Here's what you can see in you do go this weekend:

All pics above are of Lillie's space of The Junk Palace.

These pics above are of Maggie of The Veranda's booth.  They are both located in the Dry Creek Landing building.

Just a reminder that I will be in Canton for the December 1st show in the 6000 Pavillion.  If anyone knows of a very reasonable place to stay in Canton, please email at, I'd really appreciate it.  The places I've looked at all cost a small fortune. 

Hope you all have a great weekend, T


  1. Oh, that looks like sooo much fun! I can't wait for pictures of the treasures you bought!

  2. I hate I will have just missed you by a hair. I will be there on the 6th I will post my treasures as well and I will certainly visit this booth!!!think she will mind to do a bloggy photo?!

  3. Please make your pictures bigger!! Hahahahaha! I can't see very much. I love Maggie!


  4. I'll loan you my Warrenton air mattress! :) I really enjoyed the great photos! Best of luck in the December show. I am sure you will WOW them!


  5. Hey T! I love CANTON! Didn't get to go this month, though...
    Maybe I'll see you in December :) Love to meet you!
    You could stay with me, but we are two hours away :(
    Can't wait to see your treasures!

  6. Wish I could come dig through all your stuff. Do it more often so I can make it down sometime.

  7. You are one treasure hunting gal! I know its a busy time with your show coming up. Good luck with that in December. I enjoy the pictures.

  8. I usually go to Canton on Thursday every month, but this time I went yesterday (Saturday). What a mad house!!! Could hardly move for all of the people and their carts!! No more Saturdays for me. Have you checked into accommodations about a half hour away -- like Terrell to the west.

  9. I just went this month...stayed at Days Inn (Canton) the price was not bad but a VERY HARD mattress:( I have stayed in Tyler...about 30 minutes to the east. I didn;t see these two and I was there for 2 days, but I did fill up a u-haul:)



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