Saturday, November 05, 2011

Good Junkin Day

Today we decided to head out to a different direction than where we would normally go junkin and I say it was a good day.  You know you are serious junkers to be up at 3am, but that's what time we were up. We wanted to hit the road by 4am and we didn't miss it by much time.  Coffee and homemade pizza bread in hand we were all set. 

We found so many great treasures.  Take a look:

Can you see my husband found another bike! A Schwinn no doubt. He's sold each one he's taken to the City Wide Garage Sale and this one will be there too.

I know you can't really tell by this picture, but can you see the awesome cabinet we found. It originated in someone's kitchen and when she decided to add "new cabinets" she took this one out.  My questions is why? Why would you part with such a great piece. Here's a close up:

It has the original glass door knobs on it.  And to give you idea how solid it is, it takes three people to load and unload it.  It's one solid piece and would look good anywhere.

I also found a great silver french horn from the 1800's that's engraved. A metal swing, loads of old screens, an industrial cart, industrial table, clothes rack (I've been on the hunt for one of these for a while), a fold up metal bed, an industrial stool that originally came out of gas station, old burlap sacks, a primitive ladder, old bottles, silver, ironstone, and several other things. I'll post pics hopefully tomorrow of all my treasures from the past two days that we found. You can find all this and so much more at City Wide during Thanksgiving weekend.

Another thing I love to do when we are on the road is stop and take pictures of old houses. I wonder why they are abandoned and no one seems to want them anymore. They always have such character:

If only they could talk.    Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Love those cabinets! Great find! So happy you had a good treasure day. I must say that you get up and out on the road earlier than we ever could! I am serious about that air mattress if you need it. Very comfortable!


  2. Those built-in's are killer!! What a find. Yes, you are a very serious junker to get up at that time of morning! Props to you!!

    Take care, Sue

  3. Hello, I a happy that you had a good shopping day. I love those cabinets.
    I wonder why someone would take those out and put in new ones??? I can't wait to see the industrial pieces and the ladder. I love old ladders, to decorate with them or hang them from the ceiling. Have a nice Sunday.

  4. I have no idea why someone would get rid of that gorgeous cabinet. There is just a lot of people that don't appreciate, vintage pieces


  5. I need to go to Texas! Great finds for you! Good thing those people decided to redo the kitchen, they just don't get it!
    enjoy your Sunday~SueBee

  6. Wow what great cabinets.. can't wait to see them in your place!

  7. Hey girl! You found some great stuff there! Love the cupboard!

  8. Super good load T! I, like everybody else, love the cabinet. I can see so many possibiities for it...but I'm afraid to ask the price! LOL

  9. Sweet T....
    There was room for me in your truck, wasn't there? Goodness... I wanna go shopping with you!!! Those cabinets are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. great junk! love the cabinets.. .and your photos of the old abandoned houses...made my heart sing...


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