Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's a Banana Pudding Kind of Sunday

Sorry to have been MIA for a week, but I've been gathering things for the next City Wide Garage Sale in Austin, the weekend after Thanksgiving, and just taking care of life.  Today after church I was hungry for homemade Banana Pudding and had to go and make it.  You know I love to share my family stories with you, growing up "in the country", spending every weekend at my Aunt and Uncle's place, playing outside until it was dark and my aunt would come looking for me.  Well, with the weather turning a little cooler at least this past week it was and now it will be back up to the 80's next week, I guess it had me thinking of family memories.

My aunt and grandmother (on my dad's side) were excellent bakers, I guess that's where my love for baking and cooking comes from.  They had so many recipes that was kept in their cookbook, hand written ones, one's passed down from generations, one's their mother made (yes they were sisters) and if you are new to my blog and haven't read past stories, click here and here.

My mom kept the cookbook, pages are falling out it, and from time to time I will call her for a recipe that I remember so fondly them making, like fruit salad for Christmas.  No I'm not talking about just mixing all kinds of fruit in a bowl and calling it a salad, the kind I mean is taking whipping cream and beating it until you make a pudding like mixture and add it to the fruit with freshly grated coconut and pecans, oh my I can't wait to share this recipe with you soon.  Or my aunt's Tea Cakes she would make in the summer, sort of like a short bread cookie but not so sweet.  Then, there was my grandmother's chocolate pie, that toward the end of her life it became lumpy, never mind that, we still enjoyed it with a home made pie crust no doubt. 

I also want to share a new recipe that I've been tweaking until I think I've got it perfect, Butternut Squash Soup, that is so awesome you'll be glad I shared it with you.

But today I want to share my families Banana Pudding Recipe with you.  I've created a new category below my header for my recipes and I hope you'll check it time again to see what I've added next.

Click HERE for the recipe.   I hope you try it and if you do let me know how it turns out.

Hope you are having a great Sunday.


  1. Oh T, you're making me hungry. Love that fruit salad, we had that every year for the Holiday dinners! glad you're starting a recipe "file", I'll be checking it out! xoxo

  2. If I had known you were gonna make your homemade banana pudding, I would have sent Lurch over to visit you! Ha! That is his FAVORITE and I hate bananas, so he never gets it at home...the banana pudding, that is! ;)


  3. My MIL made the most wonderful Banana Pudding all from scratch was so yummy....blessings

  4. grandmother too made the BEST homemade "nanna" pudding! My favorite though was her homemade chocolate cake from was sooooo good, and she did not even have it written down how she made it! Love the memories......Hugs...Cathy aka GGJ

  5. This is my hubby's favorite dessert! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  6. We share some very common memories in our upbringing...I love the memories. The pudding sounds GREAT...sure do with I cooked. I hope all is well. I am going to make it to Austin for the City Wide Garage Sale soon, just can't do the next one!

  7. It's late and this sure does look really good!!! Thanks for sharing:)


  8. Topped with meringue...yum! That's just how my mother did it. I think your wise to start a recipe file and not just because it will store forever. Think of all the smudges until the printing is all covered up you're gonna avoid.

  9. You don't want me cooking... really. You don't. But - I would be MORE than happy to be your taste tester!!! Lemme know when and where and I'll be there so fast it'll make your head spin!!! LOLOL

    ;-D Evelyn

  10. What I miss most are the wonderful Meals my Dad always cooked year round and especially for Special Occassions! He was a Retired Master Chef and so we were quite spoiled by his Culinary Talents and he enjoyed preparing Meals and Confections for people more than anything else so Thanksgiving at his House always included many Guests.

    Your Family Recipes sound delicious! Happy Thanksgiving... Dawn... The Bohemian


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