Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 Weeks Until Zapp Hall starts!!!!

Two weeks, that's right, before ANTIQUE WEEK starts.  Time is a flying and I hope you are making plans to come to the best antique show this side of the country. 
Here's an idea of what I am bringing to the shows:

Love all the motel chairs I've found and that rail road cart (OMG Awesome) and wait until you see the chaise lounges (yes there are two), bird cages and concrete things are just a few of what you will find this Spring in my booth at Zapp Hall.

Are you wondering what exactly is Antique Week.  Well it started over 40 years ago when Emma Lee Turney started the show venue that has now grown into many shows that covers several towns, Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine, Fayetteville, Shelby, and La Bahia to name a few. 

The show no longer runs for just the one week in the Spring and Fall.  This Spring it's now running almost three weeks with each show starting on a different date.  For instance, The Zapp Hall show starts on Friday March 30 but The Marburger Farms Show doesn't open until April 3rd and The Red Barn Antique Show opens on April 4th

Then, there are several shows in what we all refer to as the fields of Warrenton, like the Clutter Show (their opening show party is on March 23), the Bar W Show, The Gin, and others that are open almost a week by the time Zapp Hall opens.  If you want to know exactly when the shows open, check out either The Show Daily magazine or online HERE or Antique Weekend HERE.

You must make plans to attend these events at the Show:
March 23 ~ Clutter Opening Show party is at 4pm, Warrenton Tx
March 27 ~ Shop Rachel Ashwell's store each day from 4-6pm
March 30 ~ Zapp Hall Show opens, Warrenton Tx
March 31 ~ Leftover's Antique's Shop, opening day party, Brenham Tx
April 1 ~ My Blog Party, my tent @ Zapp Hall, 6pm, Warrenton Tx
April 3 ~ Marburger Farms opens, Round Top Tx
April 4 ~ The Red Barn Show opens, Round Top Tx
April 5 ~ Junk Gypsy Prom @ Zapp Hall, 6pm
Hope to see ya there!!


Now this weekend, there is an Herb Festival at Festival Hill.  If you are in the area it's free to attend on Saturday. They will be selling plants and herbs.  So wish I were going, I know it'll be a fun time.


  1. That header shot to the right is a hoot! A perfect example of why never to leave...ahem...children unattended!

  2. hyperventilating... hyperventilating...

    I can't wait to see you!!!!

    ;-D robelyn
    (i think i'm drooling over those red chairs...)

  3. Yippee, Skippee! I so love the Spring in Texas. Junk and wild flowers as far as your boots can take you.

    See you soon.



  4. Your "stuff" looks great, I love vintage garden chairs!
    We can't wait for THE REALLY BIG SHOW!
    Planning on being at your blog party!
    Betsy and Elaine

  5. Everything looks great! I know how much work you put into preparing. I hope you have a wonderful and successful show!

    Take care,

  6. I'll be there with bells on! For the first time in FIVE years, I'll be able to attend the blog party! I'm bringing a box o' wine. Can't wait to see everyone, but esp. you and Cruz! XOX


  8. Theresa, we're dying to get there, too! I'm linking up to this post since you always give such great info on dates and places, etc. Thanks for being the queen of connecting! ♥ Tracy


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