Monday, March 19, 2012

Ralph Lauren Inspired

I wanted to give you another preview of what you'll find this Spring in my booth at Zapp Hall.  I'm calling it Ralph Lauren inspiration in Warrenton Tx:

They'll be lots of texture, crusty frames that are really big and tall, old books piled high, leather satchels, paintings, vintage suitcases, leather Ralph Lauren inspired chairs, architectural things, religious items, and oh so much more.  I'm still bringing all the wonderful garden things I mentioned here, but they'll be so much more.  Come see me on Friday, March 30 at Zapp Hall.  I'm right in front of the hall.

10 more days until the fun begins!!  Can you stand it...


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  2. WE CAN'T STAND IT!!! Are we there yet, Are we there yet, Are we there . . . THERESA IT LOOKS GREAT! JOE & GLENN

  3. I can't wait to see posts of all of the fun you will be having... plus your booth is always just beautiful. Ralph would be proud :) t.xoxoxoxo

  4. I love the theme for your booth! I always think of leather and classical style and superior quality when I think of Ralph Lauren. Can't wait to see your booth!

  5. Girl .. it all looks wonderful! i know you are excited and i am excited for you .. haven't seen you in such a long time .. miss you ..

  6. Looks like some great treasures.... Look forward to seeing you at Warrenton. If you get a chance swing by Bar W and see our treasures.... hope to be set up this Thurs. the 22nd well in the middle of setting up... Look forward to your blog party.

  7. Looks like some great treasures... you always have such wonderful displays and junque....

    If you get a chance come by and see us at Bar W Field... loaded to the gills.


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