Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red Barn Vendors

I promised to show you who all was at the Summer Antiques Show at the Red Barn in Round Top Texas during this past June's show.  I could have done a whole post on Cindy's booth.  She had two booths and brought some amazing things.  It reminded me of a little bit Ralph Lauren with her own individual style thrown in the mix.  It was really pretty.  Take a look:

This industrial table was just awesome.

She had two booths and here was the other side of it:

The pink door and awning sold.

If you click on the pictures you can see so much more of her space.

Here was Carolyn Westbrook's booth:

And I loved the awning Liz brought too.  It didn't last long either:

Hope you enjoyed seeing the vendors at this show.

If you didn't notice the announcement at the top of my blog about the City Wide Garage Sale, it's been cancelled for this month.  We plan on being there in August.  Hope you'll come and find us.

We had already planned a quick trip to Fredericksburg this month but now we'll be at the Fredericksburg Trade Days this month instead of Austin.  I'm hoping to eventually make this a permanent spot for us to sell things, but until I do please make plans to come out to the show.  It's so pretty here and there's tons of things to do as well.  You'll have a blast and hopefully find a treasure or two with us or one of the other great vendors at this show.  It's next weekend.  I'll post more about it next week.  Happy Thursday.


  1. lots of beautiful treasures - cindy had some really nice pieces! and carolyn's flamingo and pink items - those are something i'd really enjoy!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful booths. I love seeing how other vendors diplay their goods. there is so much inspiration. AND I'm sorry Austin City Wide was canceled but I'm glad you're joining us at Trade Days. I'm praying this cooler weather break holds out (minus the rain).

  3. Oh wow that looks like a place I could spend a whole day just having a ball. Such great pieces. I probably would have needed a trailer to haul back all the things I would have bought!!


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