Saturday, July 14, 2012

Is It Greener on the Otherside?

Several of my friends this past week headed out on a road trip to other states.  Kind of Thelma and Louise style, wind blowing in their hair in a convertible, okay just kidding they did take a truck and no Brad Pitt.  

They discovered several things along the way, one being things may not be greener on the other side.

Meaning they probably can find the same things they are looking for in their own state of Texas.


They stopped at lots of great shops, like the one above, that were really decorated to the max. They shopped from Texas to Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and back. They were looking for the unusual, things you might not can find in Texas.  Industrial, shabby to primitive, something over the top. 

They soon realized the locals weren't so willing to share where to to shop either.  Yes they had a plan of action and several places they wanted to go to, but they thought the locals might also share some additional places to shop.  They did find a few auctions to attend, but one guy cautioned them not to tell them they were from Texas or they would charge them more?  Maybe he was just kidding, who knows. 

They did find things but I think they were expecting to come back with a trailer full.  So I ask you, do you think things are greener on the other side for finding antiques  junk?  Or can you find it in your own neighborhood.  Happy Weekend.


  1. Yep! unfortunately that sounds about right.


  2. Hi THERESA ! . . . You KNOW it's ALL RIGHT HERE !! If you can't find it in TEXAS. . . YOU DON"T NEED IT !!! BIG HUGS, JOE & GLENN

  3. I totally agree with you guys! I even told them they should have just headed y'alls direction and they probably would have found lots of things.

  4. Thanks Theresa. . . You're So Sweet !!!

  5. Well we have been finding tons of junk in our neighborhood. No need to travel far. I just wish I could find my dream car! (Thelma and Louise)

  6. So funny you mentioned this today! I spent this weekend in your neck of the woods, shopping antique malls (do you still have a booth at the Antique Co Mall?), flea markets, and auctions with a truck load to take back to west Texas.

  7. I still dream of a multi day trip with an " I mean business" truck...but I do agree, close to home is often best. Just today I came home with a car full from a local shop...and I didn't have to figure in the cost of gas & time for a longer trip..........but, that said-an antiquing adventure, discovering new venues is priceless!

  8. I'm torn both ways. Lately I have been blessed with great finds at WOW prices in my ouwn neck of the woods, but I've also had spells (and I'm talking weekends on end) where I carried away nada.
    To me, like Kari said above, it's appealing discovering new venues and seeing what's out there in other parts of the country. My sisters and I now make our sister's vacation to include garage, estate and thrift store shopping and it's fun to see what we can find. I'm going to Maine in 2 weeks and plan to shop there, so I'll let you know if it's any different, but basically close to home is my bread winner.

  9. There are some great things in Austin - but there are affordable and better things in small towns!!!! And way more traveling to the countryside for my goods - be it rural Illinois or outside of Round Top! Hope all is well for you, Theresa!

  10. I really think my own hood is the best place for junk. I'm including Kerrville in there, too. We have amazing thrift shops!

  11. I think the hunt is wherever you find it. Have come across "shy" and "reticent" my nice way of saying unfriendly folks in communities before, but it is what it is. I just chalk that up to part of the "color" of the trip. You get all of the colors of happy, joyful, fun, interesting and then a 5o shade of gray shows up with their personal woe. LOL. I've had the great fortune of living all across the US and overseas and each location had special places to purchase. I miss the auctions of the midwest desperately but have found treasure in my backyard at local goodwills. You just have to be open to it...if you hunt will come.

  12. Ok...gonna play devil's advocate here. I love to shop in Texas, but I'm finding it harder to find and higher than in the past. The problem is we're all searching out a lot of the same things and vendors know this and price included. If I do find something unusual, I have to ask myself if the price is acceptable.
    What sells in one area of the country may not be selling in another. We often travel to other states for that reason. One...Texas is getting picked over and not just by Texans...and two...I can write my travel expenses off. Don't raise that eyebrow at me Miss's legal! opens up fresh possibilities of what might be the next latest greatest.
    And finally four...we love the open road. I'm addicted to that poodle seat o'mine ya know?
    So in answer to your question...there is no answer. The only green that really matters is what goes into the ol' pocket and how far one is willing to go to get it.
    P.S. BTW...I got my own "the pits"...I call him Cat Daddy!

  13. P.P.S. I do most of my shopping in shops and auctions. I rarely, if ever, find anything at garage sales or thrift stores anymore and estate sales in our area are priced way too high for resale.
    Speaking of auctions, exactly how can they charge more...even Texans?

  14. I've heard that before about charging Texans more - and definitely don't utter "Dallas"


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