Wednesday, July 18, 2012

32 Years! And we'll be in Fredericksburg

I can't believe it's been 32 years (seems like a lifetime) since we've been married.  Yes, today is our Anniversary, but before I tell you how we'll be celebrating, I first want to tell you a story. 

For many years we would spend our Anniversary junkin in Fredericksburg Texas.  Year after year we made the treak there.  Filled with excitement, I knew I was going to walk into my favorite Carol Hicks Bolton stores and eat at my favorite tea room.  That was always our gift to each other.  I so wish I had taken a camera back then because the images that I remember of the trips there were priceless.

The first time I discovered Carol's store, Room No. 5, well I knew I was in love.  It was filled with beautiful things, beds, linens, white items.  Then there were her other stores, Homestead (which had a European Cottage Style as the Houston Chronicle put it and I couldn't have described it any better), Idle Hours (which sold garden items and was a close second favorite for me), Bolton and Bolton, American Higgledy Piggledy and Homestead and Friends.

I read every article that Victoria Magazine would publish on her stores and still have all the copies of them.  Well this weekend we are back in Fredericksburg Texas.  However, this time we are setting up at the Fredericksburg Trade Days and I'm really excited about being here.  It will be our first time to sell here.  I hope if you are in this area you'll come out to Trade Days and find us.  We'll be in Barn 6, Space 21.

We'll hopefully stop back by Carol's new store, Antiquities & Laboratoire de Design, which I visited for the first time in Februay.  You can read about it HERE

I also want to see the inside of Vintage Smitten, since I only got to see the outside when we visited last time.


Just look at all the ironstone and white loveliness here.  Can't wait to see it for myself.

And of course seeing our son in Austin is the another highlight of our trip.  Every time we get to spend with him is always a plus in our books.  Besides I also get to see YOU (that's if you'll come to Trade Days).

I'm linking up with Kathleen for this post.  Hope you all have a great week no matter what you do.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fantastic show and make some wonderful new memories! t.xoxoxo

  2. Happy happy anniversary, Theresa! Have a great weekend selling, I know Anne's excited that you'll be down there. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your space! xoxo

  3. Happy Anniversary to you! Thirty-two years is a wonderful milestone! I hope you have another very happy 32 years together!

    Have fun in Fredricksburg!

  4. I love Fredricksburg! My husband loved the museum. Wishing you two love birds an amazing time.
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary and what a great story and a nice addition that you're coming full circle with being in Fredericksburg again.
    I'm so looking forward to having you as a fellow vendor at Fredricksburg Trade Days.
    I got to go by Smitten on Monday while delivering a load to Trade Days. The shop is lovely and all the vendors in there have done a fantastic job of merchandising their wares. I loved Anne and her friend (of Rusty and Redone)'s space.
    See you tomorrow probably.

  6. I haven't been to Fredriksburg in 20 years, but used to sell stuff to CB when I was at Marburger. Wonder if the town is still the same. Congrats on your anny. It is great they have trade days. Would love to go and will look forward to posts about it.

  7. Happy Anniversary! WE are working on our 32nd anniversary too- November of this year.

    I have always wanted to go to Fredericksburg- one day....hopefully!

    bee blessed

  8. Congratulations to you and your hubby on 32 years! Andrew and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. July is a great month in which to marry! Hope to see you this weekend. (And Betsy too!)

  9. Have a wonderful anniversary and congratulations for 32 years!


  10. So sweet! Wishing you another 32 years...Have a great weekend!

  11. Happy Anniversary Theresa!! I hope you have a great time and sell lots.

    Funny, my husband and I have been visiting a "junking" town up in Washinton for our Anniversary the last couple years and and I hope to continue the tradition:-) There is a wonderful McMenimans Pub inside an old hotel and lots of great pickin to be had!

    Take care,

  12. Happy Anniversary Theresa, and many more. Have a nice time at the Trade Days. sandi

  13. Sending best wishes for the best anniversary ever. Enjoy the moments...

  14. Isn't it lovely how stories you are there, with folks excited to meet you & inspired by you!
    Happy Anniversary!

  15. I am so thrilled that you are back here in Fredericksburg for your anniversary weekend!

    You and Cruz are such lovely, genuine people, so happy to call you friends.

    See you tomorrow!

  16. Do you have an online shop?

    I am here via Anne Lorys.

    her Photos of your display at "Fred. Trade Days" have made me want to know about your egg cups, and that white pair of vintage shoes.

    Thanks, Susan

    PS...are you aware that any type of code capture makes it impossible for ppl with impaired vision to comment on blogs? Their "readers" do not recognize the "code" as words and therefore can not read it. just FYI


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