Friday, October 26, 2012

Antiques & Urban Market

A while back someone stopped in my booth when were set up at the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin and told me how much my space reminded them of a friend of theirs from Nacogdoches.  They went on and on how much our styles seemed similar.

So I just had to check out this person.  A few days ago, a friend and I ventured out and found the shop that Rachel Underwood was in.  While some of our styles seemed similar we were different too but I was instantly drawn to her booth.  It was probably the white and of course the awning.  I'm glad these nice ladies stopped in to let me know about her.  Here's pics of her booth:

Rachel is located in Antiques on Main Shop in Nacogdoches in case you too are curious to check her out.

Just another reminder that we are in Houston this weekend at Urban Market.  Looking forward to seeing if you go.

Also, you still have time to leave me a comment in the post below if you want to be entered to win a Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.  Tell me what or who inspires you.  Happy Friday!


  1. YOU Inspire ME!*!*! Always have... Always will...
    Yours was THE FIRST BLOG I EVER CAME ACROSS ~ which inspired me to start blogging... So glad to have met you at Zapp Hall a few years ago!*!*! YOU are among **The BeSt** Sooooo much unique creativity!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  2. I still can't believe I didn't get to your booth at Marburger. Started at the other side and ran out of time. Kicking self! Will look for you bright and early at Urban Market Sunday morning! So glad you are at Marburger now!

  3. Hope you guys have an AWESOME show in Houston!! I swear I don't know how you are keeping up with inventory! Bloggers inspire me - so much talent out there!!


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