Tuesday, February 26, 2013

25 Days & I Can't Wait!

We are 25 Days away from the antique shows starting and I can't wait.  I'm not trying to make you feel rushed and hopefully you are getting excited if you are coming to the shows to shop or even to set up as a vendor.  It's a few more days if you are gearing up for the Marburger Farm Antique Show. 

25 DAYS away from being able to shop the fields (see what I mean below), miles and miles of the coolest junk you'll ever see.  Field after field and tent after tent and town after town is just jam packed with things that have been brought from near and far.  Vendors travel in from all over the country, pulling trailers filled to the brim, their trucks are also usually piled just as high as they can go. 

Yesterday in my town we saw someone moving.  They had piled things so high I almost felt nervous for them, but it reminded me of what our trucks will look like in a few short weeks.  I can't wait to get to "the fields" as I call them.  Normally this part of the country (Round Top and Warrenton Texas and surrounding towns-it covers around 10 towns) are cow pastures during the regular part of the year, but twice a year they are turned into this magical place that's a junker's paradise for adults.

Have you been here before, tell me of your experience.  If you've never been you really should make plans to come and check out Texas and see what all the talk is about.  It's an experience that you almost can't describe, you just have to come and experience it for yourself.

One thing to remember is that not every show opens on the same day.  Each show has their own opening day.  The venue that we set up at is the Marburger Farm Antique Show.  This show doesn't open until April 2nd.  It is by far one of the best shows to attend.  Opening day will be a mad house.  Cars will be waiting on Hwy 237 for miles and miles to get into this show.  The shoppers arrive early and the anticipation of the seeing the most awesome displays put together by the vendors here is just a sight to see.  This will be our second season here and for many years I was at Zapp Hall (still one of my other favorite shows to shop).  Last season we were in the Gulf Warehouse building, but this show we will be located in TENT A-D4.  You may have remembered that I always hosted a BLOG PARTY each season in my booth.  Last year was the first Blog Party at Marburger Farm and yes we will be having another this year.  More details to be provided about this later.

You can google Texas Antique Shows and you'll find a whole host of websites that will provide information about all the other shows here and what day they open.  When I refer to the fields these are normally the areas located in downtown Warrenton Texas, like Cole's Antique Show, Cluttter, Bar W, Zapp Hall, The Gin, and Tree Park Antique Show just to name a few.

Here are a few events for you to attend at the Shows:

March 22 ~ Clutter Opening Show party is at 4pm, Warrenton Tx

~ Shop Rachel Ashwell's store during the show ~

March 29 ~ Zapp Hall Show opens, Warrenton Tx (April 4 ~ Junk Gypsy Prom @ Zapp Hall, 6pm)

~ Shop Leftover's Antique's Shop, on Hwy. 290, Brenham Tx during the shows ~

April 2 ~ Marburger Farm Antique Show opens, Round Top Tx

Check out previous posts I've done HERE and HERE.  Hope to see you at the shows.


  1. Of Course We're Ready, THERESA !!
    We've been Ready since the Fall Shows !!

  2. One of these days I'm going to have to take off work and come down! Jealous of all those that peruse the great grounds each year!

  3. You know that anticipation and excitement kids feel before they go on vacation? That's how I feel about Warrenton/Round Top. It's our version of Disney World, only the souvenirs are much bigger! Can't wait to see you, Theresa!

  4. Can't wait to see the treasure you come back with and the treasure that you sell. I'm looking forward to spring antiquing as well.

  5. One of these times, one of these shows, you are gonna see me there! That's a promise to myself. I hope you have a great, great show my friend!

    Take care. . .

  6. Hey T Charlene and I are bringing wild California girls, watch out!! What can I bring??-xoxoxox

  7. NO!!!!!!!!!! I;m not ready but, I will be in 25 DAYS! Cindy & I have 3 from California & 1 from Washington State coming with us. 2 ARE ROUND TOP VIRGINS!!!!!Oh NO!!!! Can't wait to see you!


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