Sunday, December 29, 2013

Reviewing 2013

I was curious to see which posts this past year you seem to be drawn to and while a few surprised me, there were a couple that didn't; like Ann Perry's Open House and Judy Hill's Open House.  This past year kept us busy on the road with many shows.  When I retired in September (officially it was October since I took a month of vacation time) I think my husband thought I would slow down but quite the contrary.  I booked more shows than ever.  Here's my year in review.

January 2013

The most viewed post from January 26 is where I talked about visiting Heritage Antiques in Lufkin and did a short video. 

February 2013

For February, you looked at the post on Feb. 15 where Flea Market style magazine was having a giveaway.

March 2013

March found viewers looking at a  re-post that I had shared again on Mar. 28 where I talked about Hwy. 237 and how much I love going to Warrenton Texas each season for the antique show.

If you've not read this post please take a moment to read it.  You'll be glad you did, it's still one of my favorite posts.

April 2013

Now April found many of you reading the post I did on Donald Spark's booth at Marburger Farm.  He just knows how to put so much in a booth that you have to stand there for days to see it all.

May 2013

During May, many liked the post I had done on the Homestead Antique Show in Hicoand Brenda Harding's space.  Sadly, the shop is now closed and all shows have stopped unless they decide to hold a show again in the future. 

June 2013

For June, you seemed to really like the post on Wednesday Inspiration where I talked about Judy Hill's Home show.  Whenever I do a post on Judy, so many of you love that I share this with you.

July 2013

During July, one of the most viewed post was the one I did on Going Back to my Home Place.  While I had a really odd show there this past Fall at Zapp Hall, I know I had made the right decision to go to Warrenton.  Several of us joked that it must have been a full moon every night since we each had a different story to share about the shows.

August 2013

For August, many viewers liked the one I wrote on the Estate Sale I helped with in Montgomery.  The sale was a lot of work and a lot of fun, thanks to all the ones I had helping me put it together.

September 2013

I always like to do countdowns as we near the big Antique Shows and the post I did on Let the Fun Begin was a favorite among viewers.  I showed Rodeo Royalty's booth as it was coming together and for those that may not know they bought the Merry Christmas store in Round Top this past Fall and they will be opening a new store in the Spring.  That's exciting news for them.

October 2013

During October, a popular post was the one I wrote on the Fall 2013 Antique Show.   Overall, I know we all have bad things that may happen to us and I normally don't like to write about this because I know we all have trials and tribulations.  I poured out my heart in this post and was probably more honest than I've been in a while about a show. 

November 2013

Now for November, I knew that many of you would love to read about Ann Perry's Open House.  I mean how could you not want to see into her world.  What an inspiration she has been in my life.  And while I didn't post many pics, you can always see much more either on Pinterest  or follow me on Facebook

December 2013

I know that December hasn't ended yet, but I can already tell the most popular post among my readers has been again...drumroll...Judy Hill's Open House.  I told Judy once that if she would bottle all that she knows on decorating and sell it, she'd be a very rich and I'd be the first in line to buy what she was selling.  She has such a way of decorating that I can't wait to see what she's created next.  I always look forward to driving to see her place and this time I was privileged to be able to help her during her sale day.  It was really a lot of fun.

Of course I can't end this post without remember Joe of Curious Boys.  We know that our life is but a vapor as the Bible says and we never know when we'll draw our last breath on this earth.  What an inspirational soul he was and I think I like the most what Diane Schwartz wrote on his memorial obituary "We know that Joe entered Heaven through an old crusty, paint peely gate!"  While I may not have got to see Joe much and I admired the way they displayed their things on their blog, the most important thing ever is tell people when you are inspired by them and let people know you love them.  His last post was on love.

I hope you've enjoyed reading the journey of what I've posted this past year.  I am thankful for you all that stop and check in on me.  While I may not blog as much as I used to, I still enjoy it when I can.  Life keeps us all busy.  Happy New Year to you all and may God truly bless you in the upcoming New Year!! Hope to see you on the Junkin Road!


  1. Thanks, so much for sharing....

  2. I enjoyed every word of these...Happy New Year and keep posting!

  3. S glad you did a year in review post. I can see I missed a few of them, no longer being the avid blog reader I once was. Now, I'm going back to read what I missed. Wishing you and Cruz a safe and happy New Year and much success in 2014. Bunches of hugs from me and Ricky D! Dixie

  4. I love your style and the beautiful photos you share! The best in 2014! See you next year! Kindly brigitte

  5. I always love catching up with you thru your blog and seeing you at the shows. Thanks for all you do to keep us all informed and for providing eyes at the events we cant attend.
    Hugs to you and best wishes for a joyful and successful 2014.

  6. I've enjoyed walking down memory lane with you in this blog post. I always have your blog site on the top of my favorites to check for new blogs . Here's to a fantastic 2014!


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