Friday, April 08, 2011

Being at Zapp Hall

With each show you just never know what will sell, what other's are looking for, or even what kind of weather you will encounter.  I've learned to pack as many clothes as possible just to be sure.  Spending two weeks away from home and at the Zapp Hall show twice a year is normally my vacation time, but there's no sitting by the beach (or my tent) drinking frutie drinks with umbrella's, it's hard work.  The setting up the weekend before, hauling two trailers down and setting up our tent is hard on a body (and pocket book too) and with gas prices going out the roof you've already been out a lot of money before the shows even start.

Despite all of this, I've still always enjoyed the show.  Meeting so many wonderful people and selling of course is what makes it fun.  I search all year for things that I love (it's true if I don't love it I don't buy it).  I used to buy things just because they were old, but then I was normally stuck with them and then had to figure out what to do with them.  Most of things I find are not near my home, but the reality is I have to normally drive hours and hours before I find the kind of things that make my heart skip a beat. I must admit it really is getting harder to find things at a reasonable enough price that I can sell them at.  I'm not sure that some realize HOW HARD WE WORK in this business.  I wish just once someone would "intern" to help me at a show.  Hey there's your next reality show. 

On another note, the Fall Show is up in the air right now and all shows for me are at this point are "ON HOLD".  I work fulltime, which I'm not sure many know this, and with major lay offs with my company I've had to make some hard decisions.  So, with that being said and being two years away from hopefully being able to retire, I've made the decision to put shows ON HOLD.  While junkin is my passion, my job pays the bills.  I will continue to sell at The Antique Company Mall in McKinney Texas and will be taking many things to the shop really soon.  I hope if you're in the area that you'll stop by and check out what I have.  I will probably know more about the Fall Show and if I'll be in Warrenton this next season more towards the end of the summer.

I already have someone great lined up for the next Blog Party and while I may not get to come out and sell I promise the Blog Party will go on, even if I have to beg someone to allow me to have it at their tent.

I wanted to show you one of my favorite vignettes that I created.  Several of these things you see here were bought from Karen, who used to be in the business (you can see her displays here).  She always found the best vintage things I've seen and her eye for display was over the top.  She was in a local shop many years ago and I couldn't wait to come in and see what all she had found.  Sadly she's no longer in the business.

The child's ballerina dress didn't last long.  The tall white piano top is still with me and I'm thinking this is going to be a keeper as is the dome.  I've been fortunate enough to find several domes for the last few shows and have sold them all.  I had two other ones at this show that both sold.  The cute little chalk dog at the top of the white piece also sold fairly quickly.  You can sort of see a vintage Santos doll in the glass containter that is super old.  She didn't sell either so she might wind up being in my home too.

I created a slide show to show you the rest of my booth at Zapp Hall:

Thanks for all the customers that stopped by, for the friends (new and old) that stopped in, and for the fun times I had with you all.  Stay tuned for my next post of The Blog Party.  What a fun time we had!!

I'm also joining Debra of Common Ground for Vintage Friday today.


  1. What do you mean "no fruity drinks with umbrellas"? How the heck do you think I survive this backbreaker of a show?
    Seriously...the days of finding mother lodes and trash picking are long gone. We all have to hit the roads to find the really good stuff...and pay a lot more than we used to just to get it!
    Great post...straight to the heart of the matter.

  2. So lovely!
    You certainly spent a great deal of time and effort in preparing for these shows. I cannot imagine how you found the time!
    It is difficult to know hen and if you are making the right decisions in life. You will be in my parayers.


  3. Your hard work is always evident in your AMAZING vignettes and all of the Found Treasures you offer to the public! No delusions about all the hard work involved... I did a mere Antique Mall Booth for just over a year just to sell off my overspill of Treasures. *whew*... I totally understand about juggling more than one commitment and having to put your passions on hold... even after 'retiring' from two careers, I have to keep popping back out and into the workforce to pay the bills and ensure baby gets new shoes. *le sigh* I've contemplated doing my Art as a Biz instead of for Bliss... but the bookkeeping part of it would make me go Postal I think... and Menopause has already got me close to the edge... so better not for now. *winks* Looking forward to MORE of the Show... as you can tell I didn't get to go AGAIN *sob*... no, I'm not bitter, just green with envy! *LOL*

    And WHAT, a fab Santos in a lovely Cloche no less did not sell!?!?!? *shocked look of disbelief* It must be Karma and he was meant for YOU and no-one else??? *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. amen sista! i still feel like a truck parked on me! i don't know that it will be the same if you don't set up, but i know *life* often times gets in the way of the things we really want to do!

  5. I LOVED your booth & took tons of pics of your vignettes, they were all darlin!!!
    Can't wait to see your Blog Party Post, it was so much fun as always & I LOVED little Lisa's name badge...such a sweetie!!!
    Hugs girl & I'll be back soon,

  6. Ms. Garden. Glad you are home safe and sound. Hope you did well. I bet it was fun and I have done shows for years and I know the work. I know what you mean about finding things that you can sell and do good on. I am there in my shop. So many people are buying on Craigs List and getting good buys, so they don't want to pay more from us. I just wanted to say hello and say glad you are home. The magazine with my house featured is coming out next week. Should be on news stands soon. Victorian Homes, may/June issue. 12 pages. Thanks for sharing and letting me be apart of your blog world. Richard at My Old Historic House

  7. You are a Wonder Woman, Theresa!
    I knew what a superhuman effort you've put into all of this, and marveled at how you were able to get it all done.

    But yeah, the economy is kicking everyone's butt. I truly hope it will all work out so that you can be back selling in the Fall.

    And, girl!!!
    You KNOW that I will be your intern anytime, any place! I am SO serious about this, just call me!


  8. Goodness T - this post ROCKS! LOVE it - love your honesty.

    I'm just so glad that I got to visit with you more this time around. And - I'm praying for your job security first, your arrival in the fall second. It really REALLY wouldn't be the same without you and your hubster.

    And for the record... I'm pretty sure I saw you with an umbrella. HA! ;-D


  9. one day I will make it to Z.A.P.P.!!!
    I will buy up all the leftovers

  10. Thanks for this post! I don't think all the shoppers and dreamers out there realize how much EFFORT y'all put into these shows. How you bring enough for nearly 2 weeks is beyond me. As always, I LOVED hanging out with you and Cruz. I second Robelyn's comments that the job (unfortunately) has to take precedence in these uncertain times. You can hold out 2 more years, if necessary, and then do a MONSTER of a show!!!

    Finally, 10 bucks says you score an intern out of this post.... XOX

  11. I imagine that this would be such a tough decision for you to make Theresa. Oh boy, will your tent be missed there I'm sure!!! I just left Shelley a comment on her rubbin' elbows post that you two and TOT are the only celebs I would ever be going to meet! But the chances of me getting to go to Texas are slim, but when and if I did, I would hope to see you.
    I didn't know you worked full time, and I can't even imagine how you've been able to do all this (I am bowing now)lol! I get tired and break into a sweat just thinking about the work involved in your time there.
    Your set was amazing as always Theresa!!!
    sending hugs

  12. Love tulle, crinolines, petticoats and vintage foo foo. Thanks for sharing the pic with the childs ballet dress.

  13. a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. only someone who does this butt~busting biz can truly understand what it is to come to this decision. doing shows is my last hoorah in the biz and when it makes no sense money wise i will be out of it. i respect and appreciate your honesty. will miss you if you can't make it work but you can always get back in it after you retire.



  14. Bless your heart, sounds like you are stretched pretty thin right now. I sooo love your displays. I'm planning on shopping tomorrow at the ACM and would love to know your booth number.....

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  15. I visit your blog often but don't always comment. Everytime I read about your shows, I wondered where you got the energy to pull it off. I can barely handle a 10x10 space at a flea market! Can somebody help me put up this pop-tent?! lol...So hats off to you for all your hard work. I hope you can retire as you wrote, and maybe then have the time to travel, find the goods and hire that intern. :) Take Care & Happy Junkin!

  16. I just want ya to know that I do appreciate all the hard work and planning that goes into a show like Warrenton....So people like us can show up and have a great time shopping and visiting! Everyone I met at every booth was so nice...and I am sure that I would get cranky after a few days of the long days. HUGS

  17. Your displays and vignettes give me such inspiration! I truly understand the tug of war with the full time job! I wish you only the best

  18. The show won't be the same without you! You are one of the first friends I made when I started coming to Texas! I have my fingers crossed that you don't get laid off, but at the same time I'm hoping you will find a way to come back to Zapp! This business is tuff, some times I even have my doubts! Maybe things will change in the next 6 mons. and you will figure out some else! Love you like a sis!

  19. Oh Sweet Lady! I am the gal (from West TX)that stops by each time and marvels at all you do! I certainly see exactly what you are saying about the hard work--I comment each time we go to Warrenton how much hard work it must be! It is WONDERFUL to be a SHOPPER there--such unusual stuff and the displays are awesome! In fact it is downright overwhelming. Best of luck--and here's hoping that at the worst you are only on "hold" until retirement! Thank you for all you do!

  20. Here's hoping and praying that you won't have to make the "big" decision and put things on hold! We all love junk so much it would really be hard to stop! Can't wait to see the blog party post. I was sick I didn't get to attend. Susan

  21. Been there done that... have that T Shirt. I was in an Antique Mall for 15 years. IT IS HARD WORK!!!!! Listen to your heart... it won't lead you wrong. Thanks for throwing such a great party. HUGS!


  23. Oh Theresa Love it wouldn't....WOULDN'T....W.O.U.L.D.N.'T be the ssame with out you....My lip is all a quiver & I have a HEADACHE just thinking about it....!!

    Having said this I UNDERSTAND your decision ENTIRELY....I'll keep my fingers crossed you are NOT absent in September....And my toes....!!

    Your Aussie Mate,
    Tamarah xxx

  24. Hi Theresa. Your space looked amazing as always! I'm with you on the struggles of wanting to do this business while working full-time. Plus, you've had a tough year with the loss of your mother-in-law and those things make us tired too. Your space at the mall in McKinney is awesome and I bet that will keep you satisfied until you are ready to make a decision. For now - just enjoy Spring!

  25. Yes!!! You are amazing. Zapp is a great place to be, love the shoppers and the gals (&family/friends) that make it happen. But it is HARD work. Junkin' is fun, but most of my customers and your come for a day or two pick up some great treasures, enjoy food & bevs, then return home.
    I've enjoyed our chats while waiting in line and your hubby's wonderful southern charm.
    I miss my family tremendously when I am gone-
    I hear you and support you!!!

  26. Thanks for being so honest, Theresa. I'm just doing my first show a few hours away and can't believe how much it's costing me. And you ares so right about the lack of stuff out there. This biz is HARD! I hope you get to retire and relax very soon, I'm sure I'll still see you at Zapp Hall. xoxo

  27. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! We've just decided to sell there in the fall and you are one of the reasons why I chose to look into Zapp Hall!!! Just look at all these poor hearts you'd be breaking!!! And I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg!! I'm bummed!! Seriously :( that's my bummed face. But I totally understand your point of view. I just think that this whole show is getting ready to explode to a new level with Rachel Ashwell opening her B&B. Anyways, now that I'm totally bummed :( I hope and pray you'll change your mind!! Can we vote on this, lol?? No, you have to do what your heart tells you to and if it says no then, you know.... (still bummed) If you decide not to sell and I do have a spot at Zapp Hall (or wherever) you are more than welcome to have your Blog Party there :)
    Well, any advice you could give me would be welcome. I know it's going to be a lot of hard work, but I think, lol, I'm up for the challenge. Looking forward to hearing from you!!
    Sincerely (bummed),


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