Friday, August 26, 2011

Summertime at Marion's

Each time Marion has invited me to her home I always enjoy going.  I know that she decorates not only for each season but as you'll see she even has it decorated for the Summer.  Her home is always so cozy and she has one of the best eyes for display that I've seen in a while.  When I first started in the business, it was Marion's booth that I couldn't wait to check out.  She changed it so often that you never knew what great idea she'd come up with next.  And it's the same at her house.  I know she'll have done something different the next time I go back.

This is her front porch.  Right now it does have a summertime look to it, but if you wait and go back around the Fall, she'll having it looking different.

front porch

Here's a close up view of it:


This is the living room:

living arae

Don't you love the columns:


This is one wall of her living room:

living room

Look at all the great vintage things she has here.

This is one side of the dining room:

front room

Look at all the ironstone:

dining room cabinet

More great pitchers:

ironston pitches

Her desk area has so many great things:


of course you have to have an awesome desk chair:

desk chair

Her buffet area changes each time:


And you never know how she'll decorate her table:

dining table

Here's an altered book she made, isn't it great:
altered book

In her kitchen, I just had to show thea awesome silver dome she had:


Just fabulous.

If you are curious how her home looked other seasons, check out my posts HERE and HERE.  Hope you have a great Friday and even better weekend.


  1. I love her porch...lots of eye drooling candy.


  2. Teresa,so glad you took the pics of Marion's home. She is the sweetest, nicest lady!!! I met her with you and am so glad I did. I love her home. Of course it would be cozy!!!

  3. Very nice...thanks for sharing her home with us...blessings on your weekend.

  4. What a fabulous place with so-o much to see! Love that altered book, but that silver dome is fabulous!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Augh! That silver dome is GORGEOUS!!!

    Well, all of it is - but that silver dome is GORGEOUS!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  6. Wow, so many great things! My favorite is that desk chair. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Ohhh that gives me an idea. I have baskets like that which I can display on my front porch!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Wonderful porch and you know I love that ironstone!!

  9. I love it all! It's always fun to see others homes and how they decorate. Thanks for the eye candy!

  10. What a pretty home! Thanks for sharing. She has so many wonderful things to admire.

  11. sorry if I posted twice...I have a cast on and thought I deleted the first one!

  12. Thanks for posting Marion's interiors. You visit the most beautiful place. I was in Patina Green a few weeks ago. Did you see the giant bird cage?

  13. Oh my! What a treasure hunt.
    I want the ironstone. And I could spend some wine time on that porch for sure.
    Thanks for sharing Teresa!
    Enjoy your day~SueBee

  14. Marions house is always lovely! She is very talented at display.

  15. Theresa, I am following back. I love your style!!! When we bought Cedar Hill, there was an old farmhouse on the place that we planned to fix up. It had interior walls that looked exactly like the ones in Marion's house. Long story short, we sold the farm house and had it moved off the ranch, and ended up building a new house.


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