Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blog Party Announcement

Each Spring and Fall I host a Blog Party at my booth at Zapp Hall in downtown Warrenton Texas. For those that have attended, you have so graciously brought so much food and the great times that I see going on here always makes me smile.  I know you've met some wonderful people and have formed long lasting friendships, made great contacts and maybe have finally put a face to a blog.  I hope it's been a great time for you, I know it always is for me.

Each time I try and have someone interesting to come out and be my guest.  Last Fall it was Michelle that is the Annie Sloan paint representative from Houston.  She came out and gave an interesting demonstration on this paint and the chair she painted sold during this past Urban Market in Houston.  Go here to read more.

I've had those that had new books being recently published, like Carolyn Westbrook, who came out and had a book signing, along with Jill and Beth who were also selling their beautiful things.  Read about it here.

So this year, I'm really excited to introduce who my guests will be, Lisa Love Harris is the author of a new book "First Monday Murder". 

She is a vintage journalist and gypsy spirit who juggles domestic goddessing with her passion for writing and collecting vintage treasures. Lisa has more than 25 years’ experience as a journalist/editor/writer and 16 years as owner of Garden Cat Antiques. She was in The Antique Company Mall in McKinney, TX for 12 years prior to her move to Washington State, and contributed articles for McKinney Living magazine (now called McKinney Magazine.)  In addition, Lisa has worked as editor of This Week on Okinawa, and as Student Information Coordinator at The University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies. She's traveled many of the same blacktops as her protagonist, Jimmie Rae. Although thankfully there have been no dead bodies, there have been plenty of flea markets, road food, Texas blues, quirky characters and fabulous friends. You can follow her on her blog, at Peace, Love, & All The Good Stuff and to read more about her new book, click HERE.

Another friend that I will be hosting is Gwen McClure who manages the monthly antique market "Bottoms Up" in Kansas City Missouri will there to promote her antique show. 

If you are in the Missouri area or can travel there, you might want to talk to her about the show.  You can also find Gwen at The Marburger Farms Antique Show

One last thing, the blog party is on Sunday, April 1st (yes April Fool's Day) at 6pm.  If you are planning on coming, I'd like to ask again if you can please bring dips/chips, a sweet treat, or just something simple.  Thanks again to all who have participated.  It's going to be a FUN time!

Remember, Zapp Hall opens in ONE WEEK!!


  1. I wish I could be there!! Sounds so fun :) Love your header

  2. Sounds SO fun, wish I could be there!
    Just don't let Cat Daddy get too crazy!

  3. I will be there with my side-kick Candy... it'll be hard to top our fruit bowl from last fall... but we'll try!! See you soon!

    Hugs. Dixie

  4. THERESA . . . received your comment, fields already set up!? YIPPEEEE!!! Save Us A Hug! JOE & GLENN

  5. I love your blog banner and I would love to come and see you all. You all have fun for me and very best of luck to you.

  6. I'm coming to the Show!!!!! I can't wait.....I will stop by as soon as I get in!! take care and safe travels....xoDebra

  7. Finally, I'll be able to make one of your blog parties! I can't WAIT. Are we supposed to make badges?


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